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7 Hammersmith Terrace

There’s a new place ripe to visit: No. 7 Hammersmith Terrace, once the home of  printer Emery Walker has just been re-opened to the pubic and proudly boasts the most complete and authentic Arts & Crafts interiors in the UK. Delights include hand blocked Morris & Co Wallpaper, a  veritable smorgasbord of textiles and authentic Philip Webb furniture. Deep sigh..few houses in the world have original Morris & Co wallpaper on every floor in nearly every room…but this one does.


Walker was a key member of many of the organisations that embraced the ideals of the Arts and Crafts Movement and as such was a close friend and mentor to William Morris.

His house has just undergone an eighteen month renovation – during the process all sorts of delicious discoveries were made like letters from Rudyard Kipling used as book marks and spectacles belonging to Morris with cuttings of his hair in a desk drawer.  It is a living and breathing time capsule.

Could be my new favourite place in London…


Laters, Kate x

The Hall x


Time to decide which wallpaper makes the cut for the hall which is a bit like going into Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory and just choosing one ickle bickle flavour.  How do you pick?

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It will be William Morris because he is my interior design hero and God.  But that hardly narrows the field down.

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I’ve discarded some of the darker patterns, just because I’m going darker…on the dado and skirting boards..and in the kitchen..and sitting room..and cinema room..hey ho – just call my home a cave..

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I’m thinking this one – Arbutus – could be it…There’s something about the 3D effect of the leaves and their blue/grey colour..


Decisions, decisions…

Laters, Kate x

Jack Frost x


Woke up this morning to my favourite Jack frost icing of feathers.  I wish I knew what conditions are required for it to form but just seeing it always brightens my day.

IMG_0289 IMG_0278 IMG_0277


I think William Morris must’ve been a fan as well…


Just beautiful.

Laters, Kate x