Jack Frost x


Woke up this morning to my favourite Jack frost icing of feathers.  I wish I knew what conditions are required for it to form but just seeing it always brightens my day.

IMG_0289 IMG_0278 IMG_0277


I think William Morris must’ve been a fan as well…


Just beautiful.

Laters, Kate x


  1. Maison Bentley Style

    It is as if fairies have flown by..the size of the feathers is surprisingly large..on a morning like this the kids always have to drag me to school as I’m far more interested in the frost!! x

  2. dievca

    Frost forms in much the same way as dew forms.The moisture in the air is water vapor which can freeze when a surface cools through loss of heat from the sun setting to a temperature which is colder than the dewpoint of the air next to the surface, If the temperature of that surface is below freezing, frost develops.
    Sorry — science mode kicked in.
    Beauty through Science.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      But the feathers? I’m thinking there must be some special atmospheric condition like a sudden drop in temp? We only get a frost like this maybe once/twice a year, generally they look the traditional way – like a light dusting of icing sugar..any ideas? x

      • dievca

        You had more humidity in the air when the temperature dropped — so water droplets created a dew film on the car that froze into ice. A quick temperature change where the water molecules were able to line up nicely. The more layers of dew — the more moisture freezes on top and the lovely fern design are created. The conditions have to be exact, so it only happens once in awhile.

      • Maison Bentley Style

        A-ha..that would explain it..we did have a huge thunderstorm last evening so there would’ve been residual rain everywhere..maybe that helped too. But beyond that – I accept the magic! x

  3. pernillelunde

    Beautiful pictures. The cold and snow has hit us here as well. It definitely beats the gray and rain. Really cozy to bundle up in front of the fire and watch the snow fall…xxx

  4. KerryCan

    Kate, your photos are gorgeous! I was looking at them, thinking how could we make a fabric out of this, and then you brought in William Morris . . . ahhh!