Sarah Harris x


Sarah Harris, Fashion Features Editor at Vogue, started going grey at the age of 16.


She says: ‘It’s amazing the consternation and/or bafflement this is causing the people around me.  I am ‘brave’ apparently. Or ‘mad’.  And though I remain determined I can’t deny a frisson of concern at their horror.  What if they are right?


How levelling to know a stunning, stylish, beautiful woman has the same issues as the rest of us..


It just goes to’s never one’s the whole person and their ‘look’.


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It’s about all those cliched, over-used words..honest and authentic..and still being utterly fabulous.

Laters, Kate x


  1. laurenkahan

    She is STUNNING!!! I started going grey in high school too! I wish I could let it go and just have beautiful streaks (about half my head now that I’m 40!), but the grow out would be hideous… 😕

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I like the celebration of beauty for beauty not for something that is pretending to be something it isn’t..but for now I’ll still need that bottle of dye..but at least I have hope! xxx