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There’s no way to select life with silver tongs – no matter how much you want something, it doesn’t always happen.  But you can always react to it.  For instance, the Husband’s work has been a turdstool since forever, with it being even more ridiculous in the last few months and no sign of change.  I did suggest we saw this as an opportunity to throw life on it’s head and middle-class caution to the wind and head off in a camper van to the deep, dark unknown.


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He said, ‘Seriously Kate…’

And I said,’Yes, seriously..the window of opportunity to take the kids out of school is closing and if we don’t do it soon, we might never be able to..’

‘No, I meant, seriously Kate, who’s mid-life crisis is this?’



So I haven’t got the keys to the camper van just yet, but that hasn’t stopped the constant thoughts of simplicity providing a goldfish loop of white noise in my brain space, whether it’s interiors,  clothes, people or life.


Maybe that’s why these outfits are so appealing – they’re not big, brash and laden with special effects.


(All pictures from Pinterest and Browns)

Just clear and present. Simple.

Laters, Kate x

Man Mania x


One myth to nail is that women are not the only peacocks of the fashion world..and how my heart beats for this coat..


The male members of our species are more than happy to step up to the mark and find new ways to make outfits spring to life..


Just accessorise with red and a smile..


Choose your favourite raconteur..sharp, witty and erudite.


I want this coat too..how charming to see it on a masculine man, a moment where art and expectations collide.

36d63bb7626207d521e26f782f6c9dc8( All pictures Tommy Ton from Style.com)

Bold, brilliant and beautiful..and always ready to grumble rumble..

Laters, Kate x