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Uber Uterque x


If I have a complaint against the modern life it’s the way technology has made the world spin faster, shrink smaller and generalise everything.  Which is why one should dismiss Uterque with a simple flick of a hand: It’s part of the Spanish-rule-the-world Inditex which has chains such as Zara and Pull and Bear in it’s growing claws.  Except I like it.

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There’s sleek separates, a touch of artisanal cool and even the trend pieces of the season look fresh and modern.

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Of course it helps if Caroline de Maigret is your muse.

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It’s a salient lesson in not throwing the babes out with the bathwater.

Laters, Kate x

Gestuz x


With that something just a little bit special, Gestuz are like an upper class, rich woman’s Zara whilst still remaining within the realms of affordability.


Masters of the clean, cool, contemporary, classic with their pared down, intelligent designs.

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Effortlessly creating the wardrobe staples of the future.


I want.

Laters, Kate x

My Right Charlie..


Inevitably, in Edinburgh we went shopping – not so much for me mind you, but for the kids..and in particular Charlie..


Our first stop was Zara – Eagle-eyed Bella spotted a dress there..and given she’s a girl that never wears dresses it was nothing short of a miracle and a slam dunk purchase; Grandma said she’s buy it for her birthday in October but she was allowed to wear it to the party.  Then she spotted a sky blue cardigan and matching hat..I succumbed in a hazy cloud of steam train nostalgia……she looked like something straight out of the Railway Children..


Then Charlie piped up…’But I want a fluffy cardigan too’  ‘Do you really?’ I asked, ‘Shall we check out the boys department?’..’But I want that one’ he said, pointing to a girl’s navy blue version…so I thought, why not?


And he looked so fab! It’s not like he’s effeminate – I couldn’t care if he was – but the truth is he makes these choices (necklaces, rings..and neon pink toe nails this summer complete with gems!) and is still masculine which is part of what really makes me smile..it’s his ability to happily go beyond societies invisible boundaries and just not care.


We walked into another shop – and Charlie made a bee-line for a pink faux fur coat with grey leopard print…there are many times in life where you really have to think about what you want for your kids.  My golden rules is I want them to have the confidence, freedom – composure even, to be themselves and follow their own path no matter what..

So I told him to try it on…and hand on heart – he looked edible (I have no picture – I had no batterie left. It’s a regret) – but more men need/should wear faux fur – yet I knew there was an invisible line that would be crossed if we purchased it, and I had to make sure he was up for it –  the last thing you want is for your child to be ridiculed, particularly for being such a sparkling treasure….I pointed out the coat had a hood – and the hood had bears ears..was he happy with that? He seriously considered the matter and then said he felt the ears were a bit childish…

Was I relieved? No – because he did look inherently cool – I would’ve bought the coat for him; his little sips of rebellion are like a glowing light.  My only real worry is that I have to celebrate this flamboyance now.  I’m realistic: Peer pressure and life will do it’s best to temper and conform his eccentricities.  My wide-eyed five year old may proudly wear a fluffy girl’s cardigan or a fur coat that my worldly-wise ten year old son might not..

So for now, I’ll revel in the confidence he has to be himself – I’ll treasure his energy: smart and unique with a chameleon mind and no pigeon-holed attitude that  I just wish I could bottle forever.

The truth is I can only hope with all my heart he continues to have fun: I can’t care if he sings like a bird of paradise or becomes defiantly average because ultimately it’ll all be his choice…but I’ll always have the memories of the day in Edinburgh when he tried on a girls pink faux fur coat with grey leopard print..and we both clapped with glee…


It makes you think: Just imagine what the world would be like if we weren’t all so afraid…

Laters, Kate x