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Pretty in Pink x


The perfect pick for the party season? These sparkling whimsical wonders from Miu Miu are singing a siren song with their golden glitter and bubble gum buttons.

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Pointy toes and block heels..they make you hungry for cocktails and painting the town in Christmas colours.

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A clever girl knows never to run for a bus , but for these girls I’m prepared for an aggressive power walk.


Laters, Kate x



IMG_2693It’s easy to feel nostalgic as the summer slowly sinks to it’s demise, but I rather enjoy the dissecting of what worked and finger pointing new desires…


For next summer I’m after loose, 90’s style t-shirt dresses with low v necks, slouchy shoulders and clever rounded pockets.

sandals the-roman-empire-battle-of-the-8-best-sandals-gladiators-and-sandals-gladiators13

Where did this come from? But I’m feeling the love for a pair of proper thin leather Roman sandals in WHITE. I think it started with Vanessa Bruno’s SS13 collection and lusting after the heeled gladiators with 3/4 length trousers..


Autumn is almost better than New Year for a fresh start and the urge to turn out unwanted bits, to salvage and re-invent..and my heart is drawn to denim, crystallised, I suspect, by Miu Miu’s iconic SS13 Collection..

_MG_4581.683x1024 _MG_4571.683x1024 _MG_4567.683x1024 _MG_4557.683x1024

The shapes, the nostalgia, the witty lining of duchesse satin ..I completely and utterly fall..and am only caught by the price..

Still, there are a number of 90’s (that era again..) vintage options with great shapes.

000421183 This with a pair of Dicker boots..


How gracefully they smoothly integrate into the inevitable downward slide of the thermometer.Free-Shipping-Women-Casual-Denim-Dress-Nice-Blue-Jean-Dress-Ball-Skirt-Jeans-Jacket-Coat-Party 2025349-6-chambray-dressPerfect for layering – the ultimate rehearsal clothes..before winter has us in it’s freezing grip..

Laters, Kate x

Ads I love x

Just because…IMG_1779The Bottega Veneta campaign –  I want to wear the clothes, be the girl and always live in sepia shades at magic hour.

IMG_1777IMG_1530The male version. No Ferrari required.

IMG_1776 Saint Laurent.  Edgy elegance.

IMG_1775IMG_1773Miu Mui – The impressionistic colours..the 3/4 length sleeves, the gloves, the boxy silhouette, the composition..the elements in the composition – the expression on her face, that shade of green, the pink of the flowers, the reflection of the horse, the texture of the marble – have I said how much I love marble?

IMG_1774IMG_1781I lust after that jacket.

IMG_1688Lacoste – unconventional chic. It’s a surprise.

IMG_1684Those shoes and that wisteria.

IMG_1691Pre-raphaelite charm.

IMG_1686Sheer joy.

Laters, Kate x