The Inbetweeners x


If we Brits are obsessed with the weather it’s with good reason: On Friday it was a barmy sixteen degrees..on Saturday, it snowed (OK it didn’t hang around but it wasn’t a figment of a vivid imagination either..) which possibly explains why we’re all so preoccupied with layers and wearing coats that remind us of beds.

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Because the quilt is having a quiet spin in the limelight, perfect as a stand alone or working it’s magic as a sartorial hot water bottle under a top coat, it’s one of those under-the-radar-winter-must-haves.


And Amsterdam based Company Scotch and Soda have some of the best…


Casual or smart.


Often reversible.


They’re adaptable, transitional and just a little bit different.


Another addition it to the winter uniform list of lust.

Laters, Kate x


  1. jackiemallon

    Some nice variations there. I don’t know about the English but living in Italy killed any desire I might (or might not) have had to zip myself into the more typical puffa coats that from November to March were ubiquitous in every piazza or strada. Know what I mean? But I could go for the sixth one down…it has a Zandra Rhodes charm to it I think… Keep warm! XO

  2. .virginia.romo.

    Great article. Do you know we call this kind of clothing in Spanish “de entretiempo”? Literally “of between-weather”. I guess in UK your weather is a constant “between-weather”.