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Hands up x

I’ve mixed up the pics of mens and women gloves, mainly because I don’t like segregation of any form; I think it leads to the worst kind of fomo. And because it generally leads to the men getting the cleaner, stronger designs. Which is not to say these gloves by Mabel Shepherd aren’t fab and certainly deserve a place on both ‘presents to give’ and the lust list. Can you tell which one is which?

(All pics Pinterest and Mabel Shepherd)

Except the computer had other dividing ideas – still, do you mind your designs conforming?

Laters, Kate x

Burn baby burn!

Saw this on a Pinterest board and loved it: Well crafted, obvious quality with a quirky sense of humour.  Shame the price point was in the couple of hundreds.  But it did remind me, there is an alternative to burning candles and that the plus point with incense is the choice of burners.


(I did have a quick google dive to see if I could find a similar cat.  This one from Etsy was a tenth of the price.  But I suspect you know that already…)


And then there’s this type, with backflow incense, which turns the whole thing into a living, moving sculpture.  (From what I have read though, you have to be careful about the quality of the incense, otherwise you get mucho smoke, bad smell and residue.  Another alternative is to make your own backflow cones – you tube has some videos…)

(All pics Pinterest)

Too much?  The tacky side of tacky?? I just can’t decide!…

Laters, Kate x

There’s more..

The tour de force of Vanda Jacintho is not limited to clothes.  Her jewellery also rocks.

(All pics Vanda Jacintho)

Nuanced and complex, these are statement earrings with a built in spotlight.

Laters, Kate x

All Wrapped Up x


The mornings are cold now inLondon with a real nip in the air, but come mid-morning and the sun (long may it last) is shining and the temperature picks up.  It’s the perfect weather for scarves, which is lucky because this year there seems to be a bumper crop of styles and styling options…there’s the classic navy, a timeless wardrobe staple. Safety has it’s chic place..


Or add a bit of drama with this belted fur option from Marni.


The Burberry blanket is still having it’s moment.


Or your could opt for the scarf that thinks it’s a cape.


A blast from the past, eponymous with the eighties, this scarf is back…with added fringe benefits.


Or maybe it’s the longer wrap that has you tied up.


Is it a jumper or is it a poncho? Or is it something to fling on as you run out the door.


(All pics from Net-a-porter.com)

Or pay homage to the Hunger Games with this interesting knitted number from Stella Mcartney.

The choice is yours.

Laters, Kate x

Acing Accessories x


Sometimes it’s the littlest things that have the greatest impact…this safety pin earring…elevated from punk to pure tongue-in-cheek chic..


A kilt pin on your collar? Sassy and smart..


A casual, crafty cat bag then reflected by cat’s eyes..


There’s something about a Louis Vuitton bag that’s been tastefully graffitied..


Bring an outfit to life with bags of colour..


(All photos Tommy Ton from Style.com)

Or just accessorise with flowers and an appropriate shopping bag..

Laters, Kate x

Belting up..

IMG_4071The Emma belt by Thomas Pink

In the ebb and flow of life, the Belt seems to have all but disappeared.  A bit like hats.  I first saw this one in the window of a shop when Christmas shopping and it stopped me in my tracks. I managed to restrain the desire of buying there and then (just) in the hope it would be in the Sale – and it was, reduced from £49.00 to £29.00 which really is a paltry sum for such a peacock piece – You certainly can’t wear it with your hands folded in your lap.


I want to wear it with a loose silk shirt dress in a dark navy blue.  But it’ll work with most staples, taking them on multiple journeys (such a win win).


Pieces like this are so important: Mixing opposites, crafting wrong combinations to create something right..they shouldn’t be ignored.

So I say long live the belt!

Laters, Kate x