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Rosie x


There’s something rumbling in the air: Apparently Isabel Marant opted out of sharing her pre-season pictures with anyone until as late as possible.  She said it was less to do with the threat of copying than over exposure – ‘There’s just too much stuff’.  A notion that is starting to infiltrate and seep through the runway shows at New York fashion week…It’s becoming too obvious, too controlled..and the designers – crowned icons of creativity – are starting to rebel and explore other avenues to present their collections.  It’s about time.


Rosie Assoulin presented her collection at the Meatpacking District (I like her thinking) with her usual chutzpah and personal style.


She sees a hemline and moves it up further… a gather becomes a statement.


A simple stripe is now a conversation of pattern and geometrical possibilities.


Exposure is about dreams, not exploitation.

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Extravagance, strength and femininity all simply and elegantly pulled together with beautiful tailoring.


(All pics Vogue and Pinterest)

Now a stalwart of fashion week, she’s still a breath of fresh air.

And I love her candles.

Laters, Kate x

LFW Street Style x


Street style is about the unexpected – the clothes might’ve existed before, but the combinations probably didn’t: large furry collar, vintage vitamin cardigan, pleated midi skirt and a bowling bag? It’s a cunning mix..

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And even if you think the mix is wrong, it’s still exhilarating and liberating to know there are no rules, no requirement to colour co-ordinate.


(Tapered just over the knees and this would be my ideal dress. Sigh)


Every body, each story is different and the outfit is tailored to respond to the individual and what they want to say.


And so a picture becomes a quick chat in the corridor.

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(All pics from Pinterest)

It’s that fantastic clash of sophistication and slightly out of order. Bring it on!

Laters, Kate x

Isa Arfen x


So New York Fashion Week is in full flow and it’s always weird to see the season your leaving behind being put under the spotlight.  But with spring/summer it’s somehow easier..possibly because – despite the driving rain, thunder and gale force winds – I’m still clinging into the thought of an indian summer – but also because it’s less about bikini’s and beachwear and more about layers..and even sleeves, that all work year round..


Clicking through the shows it’s good to see body-con given the boot.  The lines are looser and inherently forgiving, with a feminine edge.  Isa Arfen is a prime example.

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There’s functionality but with full throttle character.

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(All pics from

These are the love child of the colour and comfort of real life with the craft and credentials of cutting edge.


Pure poetry in motion.

Laters, Kate x

True Love x


It’s the season of the couture shows when material transforms into an artist’s palette and cost becomes no object to imagination.


Valentino showcased their collection last night at the sort of event us mere mortals can only drool at – it started with a magical treasure hunt tour of the places in Rome  where Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli found inspiration, from the Bibblioteca Casanatense, a public library lined with books with it’s deep aroma of learning to a marble bath from 1840 sited in a private palazzo, ending with a majestic open air catwalk show at dusk.


Their muse was Rome, a monster of an idea, held together across time by the golden thread of fairytale…


Because Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have that singular ability to take the concept of inspiration and find the person deep inside.

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Their designs represent the model of languid self-possession.


(All pics from

Always with that romantic touch of magic, intriguingly bathed in clouds.

I covet.

Laters, Kate x

Stylishly Street..


Cool has no age limit.


Accessorise Valentino with trainers and a jumper.  Good to go.


Roaring back to the eighties..high waisted bleached jeans worn with pride.


The effortlessly hip Sarah Harris.



There’s still room for humour.


And your Grandmothers dress can re-live again.


First impressions…cool..look closer..uber cool..


You remember why you love polka dots.


(All pics by Tommy Ton from

Double denim is so yesterday..

Laters, Kate x

Style Icon x


5 reasons to love Jamie Bochert…she’s a 30 something model who stalks all the major catwalks with ears that stick out just a little bit, proving that beauty is beauty not perfection.


She fronts a band called Frances Wolf (and even managed to land a gig playing back-up for Patti Paris).

Jamie Bochert at Saint Laurent Men's

She doesn’t believe the hype.


She prepares for fashion week…by eating.


(All photos from Google)

She loves to dance. Wild style.

Laters, Kate x

Chloe x


Chloe fall 2015 delves into the deep satisfaction of beautiful tailoring and boho chic.  This coat: I lust.  The soft retro cut, the wide lapels, the longer arms, the burnished brass buttons, the subtle height on the shoulders..the length (a pain to walk in, but oh-so elegant to see).  Simple, exclusive, fashion gold.

02-chloe 04-chloe

It’s 70’s but it’s cultured 70’s – the tiny covered buttons, the thin neck’s elegant campari drinking on a balcony in Italy rather than bronzed beach babe with a bottle of beer.



There were dresses for the barefoot comtessas.


But my heart was beating for the tailoring: I could’ve easily eaten more and felt disappointed every time the music stopped.


But when you see Chloe and Burberry plundering the same creative vein, you know there’s something in the air: patchwork and ponchos are obviously the mind-candy of the moment.

27-chloe 35-chloe

The boho vibe is strong between them: But I still think it’s the cuts and tailoring where the true riches lie.

Laters, Kate x

Dries Van Wonderful x


Dries Van Noten Fall 2015 is that rare mix of beauty, intellect and empathy.


It’s what happens when fashion, art and history collide.  The layering is exceptional  – clever pieces, beautiful materials and brilliant lengths that reference the past – from the brocades of the tudors to the frills of the dandies. Combined with innovative textures and a lifeblood of ideas, the collection springs to life.


Long oxblood gloves with short sleeves..


Jumper dresses re-invented with brocade..


gold and decadence..


(I must get a quilted jacket)


High mixed with low..chinos with velvet and…more quilting..

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Clothes made with a warmth associated with polar bears and snowy days..


(All photos

It’s winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Laters, Kate x

Super street style x


It’s the little things that make the street style photos of fashion week so fascinating..the glint of an unusual piece of jewellery sparkling in the sun, a plait of hair coiled like a blonde horsewhip on a cashmere shoulder..or just a casual chic humour that brings an outfit together in a shower of golden sparks..


This year is the celebration of the a jumper dress with tights, socks and trainers..


A soft, black, leather bow..


Glasses that smile back..


Chic shearling with buckles and straps.


A piece of gold and a flash of pink.


This one is specially for Dievca..


(All pictures

Awesome earrings and a palette of grey.

Sometimes it good to stand outside the circle.

Laters, Kate x

Totally Temperley x


It’s the end of half term and back to the school routine..I’m sad the lie-ins are over, but I’m already grateful it’s getting lighter every day, although I’m still wishing on the morning star for summer.  At least there’s the rich mix of London Fashion Week to dive headlong into..


Termperley London is what you wear when you want to tell the person you love that you love them.  It’s long lines, supremely elegant and a masterclass in wearing flats..

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The silhouettes are lux and gorgeous, but it’s the effortless layering that really captures the eye.  Competing currents that clash and compliment with equal eloquence.

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Impeccable diction and great bones.


Detailed and tender.

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(All photos

It’s a potent combination of direct appeal, subtle perception and unshakable artistry.

Laters, Kate x