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True Love x


It’s the season of the couture shows when material transforms into an artist’s palette and cost becomes no object to imagination.


Valentino showcased their collection last night at the sort of event us mere mortals can only drool at – it started with a magical treasure hunt tour of the places in Rome  where Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli found inspiration, from the Bibblioteca Casanatense, a public library lined with books with it’s deep aroma of learning to a marble bath from 1840 sited in a private palazzo, ending with a majestic open air catwalk show at dusk.


Their muse was Rome, a monster of an idea, held together across time by the golden thread of fairytale…


Because Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have that singular ability to take the concept of inspiration and find the person deep inside.

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Their designs represent the model of languid self-possession.


(All pics from Style.com)

Always with that romantic touch of magic, intriguingly bathed in clouds.

I covet.

Laters, Kate x

French Fancies x


It snowed in London last night – not a lot, but enough to make a new ,white world and Charlie a very happy boy.  I’m just grateful we got our boiler to work again..why is it that boilers start staggering on what will be their last legs just when the coldest weather kicks in? And why are modern boilers so crap??

As a distraction from impending doom and financial ruin, I’ve been ogling Tommy Ton’s street style photos from the french Couture Shows, which have to be some of the greatest shots to obsess over: The ideas, the outfits that should look promisingly awful but by small strokes of magic give irony and imagination pride of place..


Maybe the cut out and keep part of the twenty-tens will be eclecticism.  That heady mix of anything goes and modern-old-soul..

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The power to dazzle by mixing high with low, latest and oldest, hard and soft, summer and winter with mesmerising narrative power…things that shouldn’t work in an outfit…working..


It’s a cocktail of collision..it’s dangerous territory and a high risk way of telling a story..easy to hype or misjudge.  Or not.


(All photos Style.com)

It’s an organic development that creates the dramatic pulse, exploding the rules and energetically galloping over the baseline..


It’s the stuff of dreams…

Laters, Kate x