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White hair, don’t care.

There was this post, about Sarah Harris, the Vogue editor who went grey at 16, who learnt to embrace her natural colour despite being called mad.  And then grey became a thing.  Peroxide’s been a thing for decades, you only have to think of Marilyn Monroe.  But more often than not, it’s been associated with a polished, professional look and a fear of dark roots: Those that want to go blonde, want to convince they really are blondes – maybe they really do have more fun. There’s also issues with length – the unspoken rule that women of a certain age shouldn’t have long hair, like they don’t deserve it, that their hair no longer qualifies. But now there seems to be a change, a relaxing of stance, a recognition of  merging grey with white, blonde with white, grey with blonde. And as for length…you only need to see the last pictures of Sarah Harris with her almost waist length, now almost white hair to know power in motion.

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Walls can be as wide as an ocean or a thin, permeable membrane. They’re a word, an action, a sign, a look, an atmosphere, a perception.  And it’s for us to challenge them.


Laters, Kate x


Stylishly Street..


Cool has no age limit.


Accessorise Valentino with trainers and a jumper.  Good to go.


Roaring back to the eighties..high waisted bleached jeans worn with pride.


The effortlessly hip Sarah Harris.



There’s still room for humour.


And your Grandmothers dress can re-live again.


First impressions…cool..look closer..uber cool..


You remember why you love polka dots.


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Double denim is so yesterday..

Laters, Kate x

Sarah Harris x


Sarah Harris, Fashion Features Editor at Vogue, started going grey at the age of 16.


She says: ‘It’s amazing the consternation and/or bafflement this is causing the people around me.  I am ‘brave’ apparently. Or ‘mad’.  And though I remain determined I can’t deny a frisson of concern at their horror.  What if they are right?


How levelling to know a stunning, stylish, beautiful woman has the same issues as the rest of us..


It just goes to show..it’s never one thing..it’s the whole person and their ‘look’.


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It’s about all those cliched, over-used words..honest and authentic..and still being utterly fabulous.

Laters, Kate x