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Dries Van Wonderful x


Dries Van Noten Fall 2015 is that rare mix of beauty, intellect and empathy.


It’s what happens when fashion, art and history collide.  The layering is exceptional  – clever pieces, beautiful materials and brilliant lengths that reference the past – from the brocades of the tudors to the frills of the dandies. Combined with innovative textures and a lifeblood of ideas, the collection springs to life.


Long oxblood gloves with short sleeves..


Jumper dresses re-invented with brocade..


gold and decadence..


(I must get a quilted jacket)


High mixed with low..chinos with velvet and…more quilting..

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Clothes made with a warmth associated with polar bears and snowy days..


(All photos Style.com)

It’s winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Laters, Kate x

It Stole My Heart x



The moment I clapped eyes on this Dries Van Noten shirt it sang my song.  I loved it’s bold stance that still seamlessly fitted with it’s gold baroque inspired partner.




Initially I thought the design was printed – but no, it’s all embroidered aka creole style, which in my view makes it a little slice of heaven.  At £590 I can understand and appreciate it’s steep price and in my minds eye I can already see it walking through my wardrobe marrying all kinds of jeans, skirts and culottes with absolute aplomb, until I fear at the school gates instead of ‘Bella’s-Mum’ or Charlie’s-Mum’ I’d be known as ‘Shirt-Girl’.  I cross my fingers tightly it’ll be in the Summer Sales with a wonderful, purse-happy reduction.  Until then there’s another route and I’ve been compelled to try and make a patterned shirt of my own.  I found an old cream number ripe and ready for the re-cycling bin to experiment on (it’s not cotton but a sort of modern chiffon) and with a bog standard black permanent marker pen and embroidery ring I set to work..



It’s incredibly therapeutic – there’s no right or wrong, you just do…and it organically grows..it’s not finished yet, but i’ll post a pic of it when it is.




I realise it seems as if I don’t stop – and the truth is I probably don’t.  But a lot of the work I do as a mum is ‘invisible’ – expected and to a certain extent, taken for granted.  By making time for my ‘projects’ I see something tangible created in front of my eyes…and the joy of that is worth it’s weight in gold – I sincerely believe it’s food for the soul.  One of these days I’ll write a post about how I manage my time (I do have a system – I have to) …I just need to find the time to write it…!


Laters, Kate x


Fashionable Selby x

There’s a new book out by the Photographer Todd Selby – Fashionable Selby –  opening the door to the sort of voyeurism that really tickles my fancy: Designers at work..

studio-dries_2852555a(Photo by Todd Selby)

Dries Van Noten quietly arranging beautiful flowers.

Isabel-Marant-main_2852273a(Photo by Todd Selby)

A highly organised bohemian Isabel Marant.

studio-isabel_2852554a(Photo by Todd Selby)

A Marant mood board with a lust-worthy bracelet.

studio-balmain_2852558a(Photo by Todd Selby)

Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain at work on a stunning parquet floor.

studio-carla_2852557a(Photo by Todd Selby)

Inspiration from every corner: Carla Sozzani, Italian gallerist and founder of Galleria Carla Sozzani and the creator of 10 Corso Como in Milan.

Pascale_Mussard__s_2852418a(Photo by Todd Selby)

Surrounded by colour: Pascale Mussard, Artistic Director of Hermes Petit H.

It’s thinking you have that little bit of knowledge to know what they’re really like and what makes them tick..the reality behind the curtain.  Even though you know in your mind, you’re still seeing what they want you to see….but it helps that each profile is accompanied by Selby’s watercolour portraits and illustrated questionnaires, revealing answers to personal questions.

It sounds delicious non?

Laters, Kate x