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Deja Vu..


I’m in need of distraction: It’s the return day of the crittall door fit and there’s lots of sweaty men and heavy drilling in my house.  At least the doors have made it inside this time (she writes as something loud and metallic crashes to the newly fitted parquet floor). There seems to be an emotional kickback for days like this..You want to pretend that everything is totally normal…but you get to the evening and realise you’ve actually achieved nothing..yet desperately need a large vat of gin – because these days are in fact, the black hole of time suck.


Time to mentally check out..and what better way than to surf through Pinterest..it was the summer dress above that first caught my roving eye..a simple flowing line, easy to wear but with a modern silhouette and pockets.  So I followed the bread crumbs and discovered Canadian designer Kaelen Haworth.


Deceptively simple with thoughtful cutting.

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They’re edgy classics with a twist.

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(All pictures from Kaelen Howarth and Pinterest)

And always a joy to see they’re not designed by a man who’s a stick.  Maybe that explains their appeal.

Laters, Kate x



LFW Street Style x


Street style is about the unexpected – the clothes might’ve existed before, but the combinations probably didn’t: large furry collar, vintage vitamin cardigan, pleated midi skirt and a bowling bag? It’s a cunning mix..

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And even if you think the mix is wrong, it’s still exhilarating and liberating to know there are no rules, no requirement to colour co-ordinate.


(Tapered just over the knees and this would be my ideal dress. Sigh)


Every body, each story is different and the outfit is tailored to respond to the individual and what they want to say.


And so a picture becomes a quick chat in the corridor.

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(All pics from Pinterest)

It’s that fantastic clash of sophistication and slightly out of order. Bring it on!

Laters, Kate x