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Rosie x


There’s something rumbling in the air: Apparently Isabel Marant opted out of sharing her pre-season pictures with anyone until as late as possible.  She said it was less to do with the threat of copying than over exposure – ‘There’s just too much stuff’.  A notion that is starting to infiltrate and seep through the runway shows at New York fashion week…It’s becoming too obvious, too controlled..and the designers – crowned icons of creativity – are starting to rebel and explore other avenues to present their collections.  It’s about time.


Rosie Assoulin presented her collection at the Meatpacking District (I like her thinking) with her usual chutzpah and personal style.


She sees a hemline and moves it up further… a gather becomes a statement.


A simple stripe is now a conversation of pattern and geometrical possibilities.


Exposure is about dreams, not exploitation.

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Extravagance, strength and femininity all simply and elegantly pulled together with beautiful tailoring.


(All pics Vogue and Pinterest)

Now a stalwart of fashion week, she’s still a breath of fresh air.

And I love her candles.

Laters, Kate x

Patullo-Jo Copeland x



This wasn’t the post for today..but there’s a gremlin in my computer that won’t allow me to upload new photos – one of the burdens of working by yourself is there’s no IT department to demand help from.  The internet is also proving cranky..there’s a storm brewing outside and I’ve noticed when the air gets thick, so does the wi-fi.   And it was a Bank holiday in the UK yesterday so everything’s a bit upside down..Charlie’s school bag never made it into school and I’m convinced today is Monday…which I’ll probably be grateful for when Friday comes..


These are photos of the work of designer Jo Copeland, working under the label of Pattullo-Jo Copeland.  She worked in New York from the 1916 all the way through the major fashion decades till she closed her label in 1970 and for me, is one of fashions forgotten heroines.



She had an impeccable eye for detail and effortlessly understood the female form, knowing exactly what to exaggerate..and what to skim.  These shoulders are a sculptural delight..
45e9d0b682e261a442496a4cba57fc04and make that waist look tiny.


She proves that good design stands the test of time even when the fickle finger of fame passes on..

Laters, Kate x