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Stellar x

I’ll always be a louche girl:  The gentle sag of intentional volume, the shadows of creases, the unexpected appearance of skin, the visual freedom of I just don’t care.  All this was summed up by Stella McCartney’s SS18 show which managed to both embrace decadence, luxury and hit high on practicality.


Surprise partnerships look evolutionarily natural.

Tie-dye looks cool.

(All pictures Pinterest and Vogue)


Away from constrictions and restrictions it was loose lightness with a touch of fresh air.

Laters, Kate x

Tracy Reese x


Tracy Reese is an older soul with youthful eyes who has the magic to make retro content spring to life.

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She’s not a label I know – after spotting her 2016 Fall collection I went to her website to learn more expecting a continuation of this subdued, edgy elegance – and was greeted with bright, hot pink and a style more reminiscent of a catalogue shop: The site needs a makeover, because this is a rich, deep vein she’s uncovered.

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She makes large shapes and floaty lines look feminine and easy.

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All beautifully composed and perfectly remembered.

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And I want more.

Laters, Kate x

Stylishly Street..


Cool has no age limit.


Accessorise Valentino with trainers and a jumper.  Good to go.


Roaring back to the eighties..high waisted bleached jeans worn with pride.


The effortlessly hip Sarah Harris.



There’s still room for humour.


And your Grandmothers dress can re-live again.


First impressions…cool..look closer..uber cool..


You remember why you love polka dots.


(All pics by Tommy Ton from Style.com)

Double denim is so yesterday..

Laters, Kate x

Super street style x


It’s the little things that make the street style photos of fashion week so fascinating..the glint of an unusual piece of jewellery sparkling in the sun, a plait of hair coiled like a blonde horsewhip on a cashmere shoulder..or just a casual chic humour that brings an outfit together in a shower of golden sparks..


This year is the celebration of the unexpected..like a jumper dress with tights, socks and trainers..


A soft, black, leather bow..


Glasses that smile back..


Chic shearling with buckles and straps.


A piece of gold and a flash of pink.


This one is specially for Dievca..


(All pictures Style.com)

Awesome earrings and a palette of grey.

Sometimes it good to stand outside the circle.

Laters, Kate x

New York Fashion Week in the Snow

I’ve been looking at all the pictures coming in of New York in the snow..


And between you and me, I’m a thinking that snow and fashion just don’t mix…

But hey  – it’s Fashion Week! It’s New York! It’s an inspirational combination!
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Except something is nagging in the back of my mind, a niggling, whispering, wicked little voice saying this just isn’t right…. isn’t normal, isn’t human…


I’m loving the style…but tell me, do you hand your skirt over at the cloakroom? And is that before or after you’ve floated there because if you can walk in those heels lady, I’m a pink leprechaun with purple spots, even without the snow…


Ladies, tres tres chic…but please,Why isn’t your pristine fur covered in clinging wet slush? Your tights ripped – your knees gashed? Your bottoms blue?


I love it!…but I have to ask – don’t your toes get cold?


You left in a hurry…but it’s not worth getting hyperthermia for…just put them on.


And socks, add socks..


You too – I’ll actually be able to see your feet turning blue. You can wear gloves? So why not something decent for your poor feet?


These could either be a rare pair of socks. Or an extreme form of fashionista gangrene.

9I look…I like…I think inevitable banana skins…


Bet these looked good in the shop.  A nice, warm shop. A dry shop. With thick piled carpet to stride on without a care in the world…

My ultimate wish:

1. To be a fly on a wall to see if these people can actually move. Safely. In a dignified manner.  More than 2 feet.


2. If they can shuffle walk – To be magically enhanced with whatever biological gene/super power they have that I am certainly lacking. Snow or no snow.

Laters, Kate x