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RE x


If I was a shop I’d be RE: A magical place where global unloved items hit emotional science and are transformed into objects of desire…like these laundry baskets and washing up bowls made from recycled plastic in Senegal.


Pure fireworks for the kitchen.9bf988b84f9a80a33ae68c2634084dba

How delicious? These baskets are made by the Mixtec people of Mexican mashing traditional palm weaving with unwanted plastic.


And there are recycled tin cans from Peru, all given new life. A plant pot – or a pen pot? The choice is yours.


You head to the site for storage ideas..and end up being amazed by cunning delights like these lights…designed to hold a tea-light and convert any bottle into a table lamp…genius.

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Or these candlesticks holders..spiked to stand in flower pots..or hammered into a log.

Thank God they’re not based in London.  Now where’s the credit card…

Laters, Kate x

Kitchen heaven!


The kitchen light’s are coming! The kitchen light’s are coming!…and I have no real idea what they will look like or whether they will actually work, except that in my head they are totally brilliant.


I needed three pendants to hang over the new island unit but didn’t want to go down the industrial look, not because I don’t like it..I just wanted something very different.


Also, I’ve realised over the years that I have a passion for folk art form we don’t take seriously enough here in the UK.  All the images here are typical examples of British canal art – the traditional means of decorating canal boats and barges. I think it is stunning, ingenious and totally covetable.


So I’ve commissioned three milk churns to be painted just for me by my favourite canal art painter…and they’re finished!!


Seriously. Can’t. Wait. More details when they’re here.

Laters, Kate x

Mochi x


There are many kinds of happiness in the world..I’ve just spent an utterly lazy, child-free weekend with the husband that I refuse to regret as I look aghast at the weeks to-do list, slightly lower down that list of love is my passion for beautiful embroidery and textiles..which is all the more ring-starred when it can be married to intelligent, bridging the distance fashion.


Mochi is a brand whose identity lies deep in the love of ancient embroidery and needle craft.  It was set up by Palestinian Mochi Ayah Tabai to produce visually stunning, wearable clothes that celebrate world-wide stitching communities.




Handcrafted by local artisans in their own countries, Mochi isn’t a melting pot of ideas but an acknowledgement of what each culture has to offer, from Jaipur, Palestine, Thailand, Uzbekistan to Hungary, all items produced are claimed under their own makers.

A top from Palestine, so easy with a pair of denim shorts.


A summer dress from Jaipur, ideal to dress up or dress down.


Shorts from Uzbekistan.


A crop top and skirt from Thailand.

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They appeal to my love of the past, of inherent quality and the deep vein of romanticism I have running though my middle.

6919e36881b95bf29832084b6d67d5fdIt’s a refreshing change from the polyester re-runs of the high street…we can have more, pay less and think we’re clever…or we can just put up our hands and say what we really love.


Laters, Kate x


A sense of summer ..


Summer…lazy days, turquoise skies, a sense of freedom so good it can’t be legal…and all this captured in a ring…


It’s the work of Ileana Makri, a native Greek who brings the lilt of a folk song and the suggestion of a mythical tale to her work..but who’s also not afraid to explore the modern symbols of life.



There’s a wit and clarity to her work.  You want to wear it for a smokey night on the tiles..or with bare feet and sunkissed hair..

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I’ll take the sunkissed hair option every time..

Laters, Kate x

Vita Kin x


I’m a sucker for a boho dress with a folksy feel..the bigger the sleeves, the more intricate the embroidery, the greater my little heart beats.


And Vita Kin with her vyshyvanka dresses hits all the spots.


She’s become an fashion sensation purely through her instagram account, marrying the craft crush of her native Ukraine with artisanal cool and easy, wearable bohemian chic.


It’s a bit like wearing your great-grandmother’s favourite linen (particularly if she was Ukranian) down the street. But the pin tucks are edible, the lengths are to die for with en pointe colours and glorious needlework…and the pockets are perfectly placed.


When asked if she wanted to build a fashion empire Vita Kin is reputed to have repliedOf course, not. What I want to do is to lie on the beach on a sunny warm day and sell my creations through Instagram. My terms are 100% payment pre order, a 21-day wait for production, paid shipment, and 2 sizes to choose from. I don’t really care about anything else, I really don’t… I can’t even imagine having a factory or anything like that … I’d rather spend my time thinking of new designs...’ How refreshing.


It’s a high risk way of telling a story – there are many opportunists out there more than ready to jump on the band wagon and copy her designs. But no-one can deny it’s her works that fly out of show rooms and have long waiting’s rumoured that Matches will have some in in August – but chances are they’re sold already.  Sometimes less is more and quality can stand for itself.  And why does everything have to result in world domination? Sometimes the greatest power to dazzle is with what is simply there, beautifully done.

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I don’t just likey.  For me it’s the fire pit of timeless love.  Forever…

Laters, Kate x



It’s rapidly heading towards crunch time for our proposed building works – the builder is coming to quote on Tuesday which means all the big structural decisions have been made.  Now thoughts can turn to the decorating..but rather than hoarding pictures of perfect rooms, I’m finding myself drawn to  the opulence and layering of faraway cultures…

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(All photos from Pinterest)

Whatever happens…it’s going to be a journey.

Laters, Kate x

Book of Life..


We’ve just been to see the ‘Book of Life’ at the cinema..perfect for the run up to Halloween – a family friendly fiesta of Mexican culture bursting with vibrant colours and life where you can literally touch the heat of the Mexican don’t need to be a kid to enjoy this one – I absolutely loved it! If I could jump on a plane now and head to Mexico to see the Day of the Dead celebrations for myself, I would.. I’ve been utterly seduced by the folk art and magical artistry…


It’s inspired me to look at Mexican decorations for Christmas: We buy one special decoration for the tree each year – last year it was this one, but this year I think I’m rather spoilt for choice. Just one??!


So today we’re heading to Columbia Road (has a wonderful flower market at the weekend) to check out this Mexican shop..then we’re heading home via the poppies at the Tower of London..what’s more the sun is shining and the sky is blue my chilaquiles!

bird-3 bird-7 bird-2


Adios! Kate x

Two Into One x


 Two New York is a treasure trove of beautiful things.


Monica Patel-Cohn, the driving force behind the label, believes that the chic boho vibe stems from her combined Indian and Italian background.


All her clothes are made locally in New York using handmade textiles and saris from India: It’s about quality, it’s about details, it’s about the purity of things.

Camilla_web xdress-web

Pale and interesting with a modern sensibility.

monica_web shortxdress_web

You can indulge your personal sense of style, away from the grunge of Glasonbury with featherlight clothes readymade for the summer urban burn.


A blue to match the colour of your mind, sky and sea.. Caftan2(April14SmallGrid)



Perfect for a cocktail and a pollution fix on a deck over hanging the main strip peppered with neon lights. and mellow laughs..

…Or on a far-away beach under the stars..

Laters, Kate x

Agnes and Lola x




This is one of my secrets.  The website Agnes & Lola, originally born of a love of two things: independent fashion and the diverse cultures across the African continent.




It’s the perfect browse if you need a bit of spice.


Re-defined classics that offer a ready-to-wear alternative to the cloning of the High Street.  And sensible prices too..I’ve just ordered these, reduced from £55 to £25…

Teal-patterned-shirt_large chain_pants_large


I look at these, and all I can think of, even though I have never met her is my blogging friend Fashion Mayann! They just have her name on them!
MaXhosa-by-Laduma-AW2014_C_large laurence1_large


Let colourful be your personality.  Why should the men have all the fun? I want these trousers..



Just accessories with a smile!

Laters, Kate x

Ticked off the List..


Who am I to preach impulse control? Three skirts for summer hey…that’ll be 2 bought then…Not from conventional shops so I’ll see how they arrive before giving a shout out…but I’m in lust. (And just in case you’re worried..the one above will be shorter…)




Not exactly conventional skirts either – so much character, colour and heart.  I’ve always had a thing about African material and I’ve wanted to find a way to incorporate it into my wardrobe.  The contrast between the traditional-midi-Audrey-Hepburn-style-skirt and the fabric makes me laugh with joy.  Perfect for transeasonal dressing with a denim or white shirt – or with tees in the summer..Can you tell I’m excited?!


Except my shirts are not in a good place….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

Laters, Kate x