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Vita Kin x


I’m a sucker for a boho dress with a folksy feel..the bigger the sleeves, the more intricate the embroidery, the greater my little heart beats.


And Vita Kin with her vyshyvanka dresses hits all the spots.


She’s become an fashion sensation purely through her instagram account, marrying the craft crush of her native Ukraine with artisanal cool and easy, wearable bohemian chic.


It’s a bit like wearing your great-grandmother’s favourite linen (particularly if she was Ukranian) down the street. But the pin tucks are edible, the lengths are to die for with en pointe colours and glorious needlework…and the pockets are perfectly placed.


When asked if she wanted to build a fashion empire Vita Kin is reputed to have repliedOf course, not. What I want to do is to lie on the beach on a sunny warm day and sell my creations through Instagram. My terms are 100% payment pre order, a 21-day wait for production, paid shipment, and 2 sizes to choose from. I don’t really care about anything else, I really don’t… I can’t even imagine having a factory or anything like that … I’d rather spend my time thinking of new designs...’ How refreshing.


It’s a high risk way of telling a story – there are many opportunists out there more than ready to jump on the band wagon and copy her designs. But no-one can deny it’s her works that fly out of show rooms and have long waiting lists..it’s rumoured that Matches will have some in in August – but chances are they’re sold already.  Sometimes less is more and quality can stand for itself.  And why does everything have to result in world domination? Sometimes the greatest power to dazzle is with what is simply there, beautifully done.

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I don’t just likey.  For me it’s the fire pit of timeless love.  Forever…

Laters, Kate x

Summer Dresses..



The White romance embroidered maxi dress

Nothing quite beats the ease of a summer dress..it is the ultimate capsule wardrobe – throw it on and you’re out the door.  I found these gorgeous wonders  on the Free People website thanks to the Blog Katewears..Thank you Kate! I know I’ll be losing hours of my life sighing over all their offerings..how rather, very wonderful!




Louise Dot dress


Jenny printed dress


Valley dress


Buttondown dress

(Virginia/Holzfeder – Close to your ideal?..was thinking of you..)

20140410022500Emperor dress

I’m thinking if I bought just one tiny little itty bitty dress….I could justify it by spending my whole holiday wafting in it?? Would make packing very easy…

Laters, Kate x