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If I was a shop I’d be RE: A magical place where global unloved items hit emotional science and are transformed into objects of desire…like these laundry baskets and washing up bowls made from recycled plastic in Senegal.


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How delicious? These baskets are made by the Mixtec people of Mexican mashing traditional palm weaving with unwanted plastic.


And there are recycled tin cans from Peru, all given new life. A plant pot – or a pen pot? The choice is yours.


You head to the site for storage ideas..and end up being amazed by cunning delights like these lights…designed to hold a tea-light and convert any bottle into a table lamp…genius.

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Or these candlesticks holders..spiked to stand in flower pots..or hammered into a log.

Thank God they’re not based in London.  Now where’s the credit card…

Laters, Kate x

Self-Portrait x


I’m in the running for a posh frock because sometimes you need an outfit that ramps it up a little for life’s big events.  The skill is finding that special something that won’t then die and lie discarded like an unwanted snake skin in the dark recesses of a wardrobe, festering with the pungent smell of a wasted fortune.

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Self-Portrait, based in London and led by designer Han Chong lives and breathes those type of slightly exotic pieces..the ones that turn heads but can then be bundled into a suitcase and worn with a pair of battered (as in old, not fried…) flip-flops in the summer sunshine on a sandy beach..

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He’s also keen to marry contemporary design with affordable prices, which floats my boat..and his attention to detail is impressive.


(All pics Self-Portrait and Pinterest)

Modern with a fit-for-combat edge, it’s a label that still manages to be feminine, graceful..and most importantly..very desirable..

Laters, Kate x