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Full Spectrum x


I’m being distracted by everything Mexican folk art. ┬áNot surprising with Day of the Dead just around the corner, but it’s an art form I cherish.

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Honed and loved into existence, it’s a buzz that can gather and turn something simple into to a jewel.

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There’s exuberance, simplicity, ingenuity and joy: It’s life.

Laters, Kate x

Book of Life..


We’ve just been to see the ‘Book of Life’ at the cinema..perfect for the run up to Halloween – a family friendly fiesta of Mexican culture bursting with vibrant colours and life where you can literally touch the heat of the Mexican sun..you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy this one – I absolutely loved it! If I could jump on a plane now and head to Mexico to see the Day of the Dead celebrations for myself, I would.. I’ve been utterly seduced by the folk art and magical artistry…


It’s inspired me to look at Mexican decorations for Christmas: We buy one special decoration for the tree each year – last year it was this one, but this year I think I’m rather spoilt for choice. Just one??!


So today we’re heading to Columbia Road (has a wonderful flower market at the weekend) to check out this Mexican shop..then we’re heading home via the poppies at the Tower of London..what’s more the sun is shining and the sky is blue my chilaquiles!

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Adios! Kate x