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Scotland Calling..


No joke..since the remains of Hurricane Bertha blew through, the temps in London have kept falling..we were down to single figures this morning – but it does make looking at autumn clothes that much easier…


Like the new, vibrant ready-to-wear collection by Barrie, the historic Scottish cashmere manufacturer now owned by Chanel.


Chanel purchased Barrie Knitwear in 2012 saving the jobs of all 176 employees when it went into administration at a time when it seemed mass-produced synthetic fibres would rule the world.


This is their first ready-to-wear collection, designed by Odile Massuger and it magically weaves all the best elements both Companies have to give: Quality, luxury (3 fleeces used per jumper), care (they bathe their yarn in Sottish river water to make it softer) and cutting-edge design that’s allowed to take risks: clashing colours and mashing patterns..camo with fair isle, modern with old..

011951770002_1Take this scarf...the front..



But lets not forget the back..all in all, it’s an incredible, edible combination..

Laters, Kate x

Ultrasun, Ultra Fab x



There are some things that summer cannot survive without..and a brilliant sun screen must top the list.  Ultrasun in my book is the gold medal winner.  It doesn’t look much..the packaging is awful, but how many ways can I sing it’s praises?


1. It’s a ‘once a day’ formula so it goes on first thing..and then you don’t need to think about it again.

2. There’s no smell – I’ve tried other ‘once a day’ products and the chemicals have made my eyes water.  This doesn’t.

3. You put it on before you put on your swimwear..which means if that bikini bum rides up, there’s no chance of an angry red smile, for you or the kids.  (Or the husband if budgie smugglers are his thong thing..)

4. Anyone who has ever put sun screen on children will know..once a day to chase down those slippery suckers is a blessing from the heavens.

5. Ever suffered from the horror of heat rash? I do…but not when I use this.

6. I even use it in winter..sits brilliantly under foundation..even makes the foundation easier to apply…

7. Means I can take a red head to the Mediterranean…Bella has never, ever burnt.

8. You still go brown…Charlie was native coloured by the time he came home.  Bella was a golden brown..we were that lovely brown that means you’ve been away..but the bath’s not left with a tidal mark after every wash..


It’s just easy, effortless…safe.  It’s not the cheapest…but sometimes, just sometimes it’s worth buying the best.

Laters, Kate

Agnes and Lola x




This is one of my secrets.  The website Agnes & Lola, originally born of a love of two things: independent fashion and the diverse cultures across the African continent.




It’s the perfect browse if you need a bit of spice.


Re-defined classics that offer a ready-to-wear alternative to the cloning of the High Street.  And sensible prices too..I’ve just ordered these, reduced from £55 to £25…

Teal-patterned-shirt_large chain_pants_large


I look at these, and all I can think of, even though I have never met her is my blogging friend Fashion Mayann! They just have her name on them!
MaXhosa-by-Laduma-AW2014_C_large laurence1_large


Let colourful be your personality.  Why should the men have all the fun? I want these trousers..



Just accessories with a smile!

Laters, Kate x