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Mind The Gap x

I was talking to a friend the other day about wallpaper for a downstairs toilet – always such an interesting room because it’s hidden away and small, meaning the imagination is free to fly – as are the purse strings; always a Brucie bonus. My first thought was for some classic Cole & Son; strong, contemporary that sing quality. But then I thought – how nice it would be to find something different that nobody else has – and remembered ‘Mind The Gap.’

(All pics Pinterest and Mind The Gap)

Bold, dramatic and timeless – but what more would you expect from a company based in Transylvania?

Laters, Kate x

Illusions x

It’s a mad old time at the moment – both kids starting new schools, husband working away from home during the week, scaffolding up, decorators in both inside and out. It does mean Bella’s room is finally being decorated – more on that later.  But making the final decisions in consultation with her has meant much pinning on Pinterest. First there’s been finding the line between what she wants now versus what I believe would stand the test of time and take her through her teenage years…an interesting discussion.  But there’s also been a feeling of walking between a real world and an imaginary one and reaching a point where the two seem to collide into a strange reality.  As we’ve both been pinning and sharing inspiration it’s become more and more obvious that what looks good isn’t always practical, and if it isn’t practical, does it deserve it’s title of good? Take the kids room above, an eclectic vision of white pepped with colour and texture.  But the ladder..why?

At first glance this is a minimalists wet dream with toys framed beautifully to catch the eye like tempting abstract art.  Except how can a child reach them? Stand on the rocking chair? Maybe borrow the ladder from the picture above?

Same problem here.  Except don’t you look at all of these and feel sorry for the kids? The toys are so carefully chosen and exceptionally curated, not because they’re fun to play with but because they’ll photograph well, give the right image..this is a sickness that is contagious..

Or else you’ll get the room where there aren’t any toys at all.  Because..well..playing is just so overrated isn’t it? Far better for kids to just to suck it up that they’re going adults and get used to it, perception over substance, pretence over truth, the new modern dream…maybe I need to go and live with the Amish..or not! But embracing what is beautiful and what is practical seems a basic, honest step…


Laters, Kate x

Through the Looking glass..


Sometimes you walk into a room and you know exactly what it needs to up the anti.  Other times, the space has to settle before it can speak.  I’m in that dilemma with one of my rooms, hence a bit of visual inspiration.

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Laters, Kate x

The Sitting Room x


Charlie, The Husband and I went to Twickenham on Sunday to see England v Wales (cr*p kicking but a great match).  Before we left there was a huge discussion about the weather..hot? Cold? Rain? Snow? The general consensus was if the sun was shining it would be hot…but it wasn’t…so we dressed for winter.  We got there…the sun came out…and we all fried like sirloin steaks on a barbie.  Today, in contrast the heavens have opened and we’re probably getting the months rain in one day which means we’re all stuck inside as it’s half term.  I’ve declared it a creative day, with my creative project being to paint the sitting room.


(I’ve been desperate to paint these velux windows white since they first went in)


The walls also need a lot of work where we had a leak (all fixed by the builders) and general 10 years of wear and tear.


I’ve surprised myself by sticking to brilliant white but it works on multiple levels: The ceiling with all it’s variation in height is blended together with the eye drawn to the highest point, the skirting board radiator that runs round the edge of the room disappears, and finally..there’s a fairly eclectic mix of furniture in this room that the white pulls together (spot the latest edition..my seventies table light..probably deserves a separate post).

IMG_8803 IMG_8804

I did all the prep work for half the room yesterday..I’m hoping I can get it all finished by tomorrow.


 Not easy when the kids are off school for half term..for instance, I couldn’t find my phone yesterday – not a huge hardship as we’re not biologically linked.  But it eventually turned up in Bella’s room, tuned to You Tube and a video about ‘Women making graffitti for the first time’ …if you’re mentally away..the mice play..


Laters, Kate x

Progress x


It’s the painful part of the cellar renovation…painting all the bookcases.  Probably more so than usual because they started off black…and they’re going..off black.  The reason is the shelving is an Ikea Billy hack – using basic Ikea units to look more than the sum of their parts – and that requires a layer of camouflage paint.


At least I have the TV to keep me company.


But it’s still slow progress.


The hunt has been on for the perfect pink for the stair wall.


And I think I’ve found it via the felt our tap came wrapped in.

Now to get it colour matched..

Laters, Kate x



It’s rapidly heading towards crunch time for our proposed building works – the builder is coming to quote on Tuesday which means all the big structural decisions have been made.  Now thoughts can turn to the decorating..but rather than hoarding pictures of perfect rooms, I’m finding myself drawn to  the opulence and layering of faraway cultures…

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(All photos from Pinterest)

Whatever happens…it’s going to be a journey.

Laters, Kate x