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A sense of summer ..


Summer…lazy days, turquoise skies, a sense of freedom so good it can’t be legal…and all this captured in a ring…


It’s the work of Ileana Makri, a native Greek who brings the lilt of a folk song and the suggestion of a mythical tale to her work..but who’s also not afraid to explore the modern symbols of life.



There’s a wit and clarity to her work. ¬†You want to wear it for a smokey night on the tiles..or with bare feet and sunkissed hair..

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I’ll take the sunkissed hair option every time..

Laters, Kate x

Into the Groove x



All around the sign of the moment appears to be the evil eye, an ancient symbol that crosses cultures and religions, always ready to ward off danger.


What I didn’t know is that different colours have different meanings..adds to the appeal..



But instead of following the jewellery sheep, maybe there’s another way to embrace the trend..

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(All pictures from pintrest)

Simple, effective…different…especially that last one..

Laters, Kate x