A sense of summer ..


Summer…lazy days, turquoise skies, a sense of freedom so good it can’t be legal…and all this captured in a ring…


It’s the work of Ileana Makri, a native Greek who brings the lilt of a folk song and the suggestion of a mythical tale to her work..but who’s also not afraid to explore the modern symbols of life.



There’s a wit and clarity to her work.  You want to wear it for a smokey night on the tiles..or with bare feet and sunkissed hair..

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I’ll take the sunkissed hair option every time..

Laters, Kate x


  1. delightfullypeculiar

    When I saw the first picture, I thought the design looked very Greek, hehe! They seem filled with the blue of the sea and the sense of walking in narrow streets and tilled paths on islands.

  2. Lia in Brussels

    So you found her! I have to stop in front of her shop window in Athens, every time I pass by. Never been inside though… may be it’s time! xxx