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The Smallest Room x

We’ve been printing.

Very simply with Sainsbury’s basic sponges bought for 20p a packet, onto lining paper and using left over paint from the kitchen renovations. Cheap as chips.

This is all part of the great downstairs toilet upgrade project, which after 10 years of abuse is sorely needed.

The idea is to paint the woodwork a mid-grey, homemade wallpaper above the dado (why not?!) and dye the grout (more on that in another post) between the metro tiles a charcoal grey.

(A bit like this)

The marbling was part of the experimenting plan for diy wallpaper for the toilet..except the problem was we could only make it in small sizes which gave a patchwork effect.  With printing we can make the runs as long as we need.  Brucie bonus to control within the chaos.

The inspiration for the print came from the above picture…

And the general sense of informal uniformity from pictures like these.

Embracing the idea that symmetry can just be too damn predictable.

What is working so well is the straight lines versus the diagonal against the curves of fingertips pushing the sponge into the paper.  I think I’m in love.

 Shame the next few days will be spent doing all the boring bits like filling and sanding.

But watch this space.

Laters, Kate x

Treasure x


I’ve been looking for this wallpaper with its exquisite clusters of blemishes. Turns out it’s called Queen of Spain by Schumacher.


It’s also not a modern design – as this black and white of a young Mick Jagger proves.


In fact, it goes back to 1963.


Pretty amazing.

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There are companies that stock it in the UK, but Schumacher is an American brand going back to 1889 with a heralded passion for luxury and an unwavering commitment to beauty: This wallpaper is sold by the yard.


So it’s not a cheap choice.

Potato prints??

Laters, Kate x

Minakani x


Minakani is a Paris based textile design studio and brand created by Figuette and Frederic Bonnin in 2005.  Their work is unerringly recognisable – I’ve long lusted over this picture – yet travels below the obvious radar.

webcopenhague animals

Theirs is a taste for the different – natural, spatial, rich and expressive.


Yet surprisingly simple.


Pared back to just enough.


A name to add to the scrapbook of my future lottery win..

Laters, Kate x

Black and Right x


The only room that hasn’t been decorated downstairs is the toilet.  It’s a conundrum and I’m still butterflying between different ideas, the latest of which is a growing love of irregular patterns and wallpapers, particularly in monochrome.

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Ct-Brix (ArabesqueMC) - Epson1_060307-2

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(For more details on wallpapers click here)


I like to think that small spaces can take big ideas…

Laters, Kate x

Shine & Shade x


Wallpapers: Can you spot the rubies in the dust, the cheerful from the chips, the diamonds in the rough? Scroll through, remember your favourites….then see at the end.  So this is number one..







































Now for the reveal…..all the wallpapers were from Graham and Brown – not a company featured much in the interior design world glossies.  But many of the concepts here are visually similar to their posher counterparts: Honolulu palm versus Palm by Cole and Son, Capulet teal versus Hermes jardin d’osier, tudor houses versus Fornasetti.   But their price point? Nothing here was over £20..and some of them were as low as £7.50 per roll…check it out:

One = Honolulu palm green for £20 per roll.

Two = Desire gold for £8.50 (in the sale) or £17 per roll

Three = Marvel action hero for £10 per roll

Four = Juan white for £7.50 per roll

Five = Jiao pruple for £7.50 per roll

Six = Tranquil purple for £7.50 per roll

Seven = Bao white for £7.50 per roll

Eight = Desire damson for £7.50 per roll

Nine = Fresco Mai for £10 per roll

Ten = Olympus black/white for £10 per roll

Eleven = Majestic black for £15 per roll

Twelve = Petit papillon black for £20 per roll

Thirteen = Do the stretch mustard for £20 per roll

Fourteen = Capulet teal for £20 per roll

Fifteen = Botanic charcoal for £20 per roll

Sixteen = Kelly’s Ikat for £20 per roll

Seventeen = Enigma white/prussian blue for £20 per roll

Eighteen = world heritage black/white for £20 per roll

Nineteen = Honolulu black for £20 per roll

Twenty = tudor house for £20 per roll

Makes you think: Where does the beauty lie?

Laters, Kate x

Wallpaper x


I did a Swedish embroidery class with a friend last week – everything was bright, breezy and scandi.  It’s summer..everything is still bright and breezy..so why am I drawn to the dark side?


I imagine what it’s like to look at bright, green leaves through black window frames, the light pulling you out, the garden dancing.


Or a hall, where mysterious corridors can lead anywhere, the walls glowing with a real log fire.


(All pictures Pinterest)

There’s a substance, a peace, a sense of history..and I want it.

Laters, Kate x


The Sky’s the Limit..


The meeting with the builder went well..looks like we could have a start date at the end of July.  It means the month of August will be frantic, but if I’m going to be without my kitchen I’d prefer it to be in the summer months when salads are picnics are staple requirements –  hopefully it will be a glorious sunshine and we can spend the days outside..at least there won’t be the horrors of the morning clash, trying to sort builders and attempting to get kids out the door for school.  Shame about any lie-ins…


We’re also renovating our cellar at the same time…the intention was just to add more electrics, some clever storage, a TV and a sofa to turn it into a den.  But the builder took one look and suggested we dropped the floor by 20 centimetres…it would make all the difference, but hits all my fear points – our cellar is bone dry and I’d hate to mess with that..but he seems to think it’ll be easy..so I’m going to see what the damage is in terms of cost.  I know there won’t be any natural light, so for decor it’s dark and moody all the way..like an exclusive gentleman’s club..


Looking for inspiration I came across this picture and was struck by the ceiling..how nice to have that flash of blue, space and air..


I started looking at wallpapers..but the problem is the repeat..clouds become to regular when the beauty is they aren’t.


There’s this option..Nuvole by Cole &Son..but at quite a cost! And like beans, it still repeats..


Better is the option of wall murals from places like Surface View – this one is a reproduction of Constable’s clouds..you can order them to any size you want.  Again, not a cheap option..


Then I found Pixersize  which has one of the biggest ranges I have ever seen and very good value.  Their sky range is enormous..the skycapes dramatic..


(But I secretly preferred the softness of the painted skies..)


Not to worry..they had that too..

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(All pictures pinterest)

With so many options I think it’ll take me till August to decide which one…(but I think the last one has my heart…)…Wallpapering the ceiling..who would’ve thought..

Laters, Kate x

The Creme de la Creme..

I often wonder if winning the lottery would actually make my life better. It’s a moot point.  However I do know it would make my walls so much more fantastic.  I apologies for the next pictures..they are pure avarice and excitement and are (cough) ridiculously expensive (a pot of paint and a bit elbow grease won’t rock it with these babies) but they are sublime, aspirational and quite frankly give me giddy butterflies.


These hand painted chinoiserie wallpapers are from the company de Gournay.  And looking at them you feel it is the timeless work of centuries of work from old master crafts men passing their craft down from generation to generation.  In fact the Company was founded in 1986 by Claud Cecil Gurney.  After searching for artisans to restore the antique wallpaper in his own home he discovered the traditional art was on the verge of disappearing.  He made it his mission to resurrect it.  And I for one am so thankful that he did.01_large06_large 08_large 13_large 14_large 15_large 18_large 19_large 20_large 23_large 24_large 27_large 28_large 29_large 31_large 33_large 34_large 42_large 45_large 02_large 03_large 05_large new_02_large 08_large-1 20_large-1 22_large 23_large-1 28_large-1 03_large-1 04_large-1 03_large-2 05_large-1 10_large 18_large-1To give you an idea..the paper is so expensive you can have it steamed off if you move… and re-used in your next millionaire mansion!

Laters, Kate x