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Here in London, the sky is a birds egg blue, there are buds on the trees and the supermarket toilet roll aisles are empty. If it was a stomach bug, I’d have more understanding, but…toilet roll?? It means they’ll have to close the schools soon for fear of pupils stealing from cubicles and selling it on the streets..All jokes aside, this is the one time we need humour: Enjoy the following… I have.


Laters, not in lock down yet, Kate x

Stampede x

The Bucket List: The things you think will happen one day but never will unless you set them in action, such as having an inspirational workplace like French graphic designer, Aurelien Dabat.

His is the stuff dreams are made of: In Marseille, not far from the sea, industrial with woodworking machines, not precious but creatively alive with fellow creatives – architects, designers and a painter.

A more instantly achievable bucket list option at around £20 is Aurelien’s Stampville –  the retro style box contains 25 woodbacked stamps in an assortment of graphical shapes and textures ripe for exploration and flights of fancy.

(All pics Pinterest)

The only additional requirement is imagination.


Laters, Kate x

Flashbulb x


Is it too late for New Years resolutions? The dust has finally settled and now I know what I’d like to do…keep a sketch book.  I have a words/ideas book (which apparently is the classic sign of an introvert – who knew?) to keep treasures like assonance and sibilance that otherwise would float away.  But a book of dabblings and drawings? If this Blog is a collection of thoughts and sources of inspiration, then a sketchbook would be those thoughts made physical. I think it’s a calling….

f286180ec0e6663889ae36b7d7902f62 cface79d4143967009530f6e9be4fe50 d838b607d0be2bd50bd4c412cf3d7af6 4582735f0816b72b116cadc764e0b663 aefcf852de39a0ce7ec710c75fa43f6d 2162ee67cad093cdaa73a59de8a14184 840a59648a38d7605bfe6535ac351a48 734f3a8576efb3b7dec53d73cfe6d10c 548f2256c3806131547db0622f4c370c 254d7960a0a0307932c9bb06c48147e4-1 7daff84ee2467ff8e633cad718034620

(All pictures not mine but from Pinterest)

Laters, after an arty online shop for supplies, Kate x



It’s dark and raining heavily today as though even the Gods are crying.

And Donald Trump will be the next leader of the free world and President of America.


How? Why?

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You’ve really chosen a fascist over…a woman?

trump-bannon-cartoon-luckovich trump-palin-cartoon-7 thanksgiving-trump-2

The man who epitomises ‘if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail..’?

political-cartoon-new-human-species flowers-trump-cartoonjpg-76cba787767871c9 ce818967-f70a-4351-81bc-83e192a45277-714x536 5d21038c-b0e4-442f-be87-0daf9dc8bf2b-medium-1 56c76f2790260-image 174345_image

(All cartoons from Google)

For all the grieving people in the States – we empathise: This is what it feels like not to recognise your country any more.

Who ever thought Isis could win via democracy?

Laters, Kate x



On Wednesday night we had a huge storm over London, well, I say a storm – it just kept on rolling in on waves of ear splitting thunder and torrential rain..locally we lost transport, various shops flooded and the internet…I’ve never known anything like it.


Except maybe this morning and the news of Brexit.  Astounded, ashamed, depressed.  It wasn’t that Europe didn’t have it’s problems, but we’ve now thrown the baby out with the bathwater because we asked people to vote on the EU…and they voted on something else entirely.  As an act of rebellion my country has given a thumbs up to xenophobia, racism and bigotry. I thought the Americans had it bad with Trump..the laugh was on me.


Will the last person to leave the country please turn out the lights.

Laters, Kate x

I am Lucky..


Because I have fabulous neighbours, which is one seriously important cog in the life’s life-enhancing machinery.  Take this Christmas card, drawn by the visually inspired Jane of her dog, Zsa zsa and all her wonderful puppies taking a leaf out of the Great British Bake Off..Talent, verve and festive giggles..


On Friday I spent the day with another neighbour, Doromy, an ex-actress who knows all there is to know about London and is a visceral, witty joy to be with..we headed to Radio Days on Lower Marsh Street, just by Waterloo to check out vintage dressing gowns for Charlie and to buy deco shot glasses as a present to go with the Sloe Gin I made at Creative Coffee…the place is an absolute treasure trove and well worth a visit if you’re ever in this part of town..


In fact the whole of Lower Marsh Street is a little gem: Vintage shops, food stalls, chi-chi pubs..the gnarly mixed with loftier intentions.  Further down and just off to the right is this..the underground tunnel leading to The Vaults, a multi-use underground venue and a spray-painted canvas of guttural dipthongs..

IMG_0620IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0619

Including female graffiti artists..


And a female fire-eater to boot..

We ended our day, setting the world to rights, eating takeaway kedgeree from Konditor and cook, sitting in Waterloo Station and watching the world go by.  There’s not many people you can do that with..simple, effortless and full of the unexpected. It was bliss.


Laters, Kate x