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At home with Cara x

An Architectural Digest tour of Cara Dellvingne’s L.A. home (as supposed to the one she shared with her sister, Poppy) In fact, this is about Cara living her best life and embracing her eccentric spirit. For me, it’s the first time I’ve seen the true extremes of money: we have bedrooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms? She has a velvet pussy palace and a vagina tunnel! Honestly watch – you’ll only smile!


Kate x

Escape x

Call it the call of lockdown fever, the curse of cabin fever, but after a few weeks of containment – and despite this lockdown being different – my eyes start longing for far horizons and a glimpse of the sea. I saw this house in Architectural Digest and physically felt the pull.

(All pics Pinterest and Architectural Digest)

Maybe it’s time to get the Christmas lights out early…

Laters, Kate x

Sneak Peek x



A little croque en bouche to get this season rolling,  a tasty treat that ticks boxes both as a visual feast but also delights as a naughty peek behind the curtain at how the other half live: This is Kendall Jenner’s house in LA, as presented by Architectural Digest – and if you want to know more, I thoroughly recommend going to the website where there’s an accompanying film with Kendall leading a tour.


(All pics AD and Pinterest)


A serene oasis away from the madness. I rather love it.

Laters, Kate x

Red Hot x


(A re-post – this has been one of my favourite interiors ever, so I think it deserves another peek…)


Has property porn ever been this good? Let me show the ways…First an eyes on stalks glimpse into the warm, inviting, unpretentious Brooklyn home of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard which proves that true integrity is more than skin deep.



But there’s more…there’s a video too…in fact, blank out time somewhere warm and cosy..this is PP on tap…be prepared, then click here.


(All pics Architectural Digest and Pinterest)

And the final cherry? The house is for sale.

Time to buy a lottery ticket. And dream.

Laters, Kate x

Peek x

There’s an undeniable delight about being able to step behind the curtains and into the spaces of other people, particularly when theres more than one room.  This is the New York townhouse of Monique Gibson, renowned interior designer, courtesy of Architectural Digest.

(All pics Architectural Digest)

Just look at this one makes me long for summer..

Laters, Kate x

Pure Moss x

‘Picture a summer night when it goes silvery-blue from the light of the moon’ Is how Kate Moss describes the inspiration behind the wallpaper for her bathroom.

Based on silver-tinted anemones symbolising luck in Greek mythology and interspersed with shards of solar radiance, the wallpaper is the creative result of a collaboration between Moss and De Gournay, the bespoke wallpaper house.

(All pics Architectural Digest)

The hall is now proudly adorned with the daybreak version. ‘I like the feeling of when the sun is just coming up at a festival and you have that glowy light.’ It’s all pale pastels and bright, in your face neons.


A match made in heaven.

Laters, Kate x



I was clicking through Architectural Digest (as you do) when I alighted on this photo of Jessica Chastain’s New York apartment.  It wasn’t so much the design that caught my eye or the pretty cornflower blue – or even the impressive array of copper in the cupboards, but the cork floor tiles.


A fallen high achiever, cork tiles now equate with seventies bad taste and sticky beer after raucous student parties.  And yet there’s something about them – a warmth and sense of forgiveness blended with a subtle hint of nostalgia..



This Blogger had a kitchen laid with them last year and she’s written a follow up post on how she’s feels about them a year on.  It makes interesting reading.

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Maybe, as with all things seventies, it’s time for a revival..

Laters, Kate x

Save the day..


When writing a post for this Blog, sometimes it’s planned – more often than not, it’s spontaneous and every now and then it’s fate.  This is a fate post – with a long list of things to do this morning, none of which I’ve managed to get done, I came to my keyboard late wondering what on earth I would write.  Then I opened up Heather Clawson’s post of the day from Habitually Chic and need, love and fate all collided.  Heather had posted pictures of a stunning house in Spetses from an article in Architects Digest which is telling as it was only last week we were on the island.  What makes it more poignant is that today is my parents 49th wedding anniversary and they are still out there…and there is nothing my mother likes better than a good nose around a house – this is for you mum – Enjoy and happy anniversary!

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Laters, Kate x