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Smallest Room Part 2

The wallpaper we made over the holidays? 

Despite just using the basics: Lining paper, leftover emulsion paint and cut up sponges – has worked a treat.

(Even though it meant embracing chaos)

This was the before state of the downstairs toilet. A mini dumping ground of DIY and general clutter.

First step was a deep clean of the tiles.  Vinegar, though powerful on the nostrils did the job.  A little bit of re-grouting was needed – and then I was going to dye the grout a dark grey, but I was concerned the new grout was of a different consistency –  less chalky, more rubbery so would they dye the same colour? It was an easier decision to not risk it. Besides the new pristine white of the tiles was impressive. Finally, paint – white on the ceiling and the Little Greene Paint Company’s French Grey Dark on the woodwork which is a soft, pinky grey that seems to blend with any thing.  A continual stream of Radio 4 plays on the ipad helped the process along..

The wallpaper went up easily: The lining paper was one of the thickest available and was aided by both pasting the wall and paper, and leaving the paper for a few minutes to fully soak up the wallpaper paste.

The randomness of the print meant there was no problem on the join – second piece went up where it went up.  Bliss.

The finished job.

Except there’s always one thing left to do…a fitted mirror over the sink. Sigh.

Better get ordering.

Laters, Kate x

Black and Right x


The only room that hasn’t been decorated downstairs is the toilet.  It’s a conundrum and I’m still butterflying between different ideas, the latest of which is a growing love of irregular patterns and wallpapers, particularly in monochrome.

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Ct-Brix (ArabesqueMC) - Epson1_060307-2

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(For more details on wallpapers click here)


I like to think that small spaces can take big ideas…

Laters, Kate x

It’s all black and white..


The good news is I’m off this morning to pick up our platform ladder from my sister…which means the serious renovation decoration is about to start.



The bad news is it’s all going to get done by paintbrush wielding me.

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The good news is I like to get my hands dirty: No pain, no gain.

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(All pictures Pinterest)

The bad news is…it tends to be more than just my hands..

Laters, Kate x

Do I Fall For You? x




J.Crew is a gentle melodic voice over a Spanish guitar in a bar in Shoreditch, singing of relaxed yet crisp cottons, urban slides and pretending not to care..




 In many respects they’re hitting it out of the ball-park…



But something’s not quite right, even when my heart skips a beat looking at this top.



There’s almost a computer generated skill to the precision of desire: The perfect angle of slouch, the accuracy of the turn-ups, the atomic glow of the whites..




Maybe it’s the Jean Paul Gaultier effect – I went with the irrepressible Julie from Vintageattitude on Tuesday to see his Exhibition at the Barbican and oh! how we revelled and laughed in the joy and the humour!





Now I want to throw a Banksy graffiti at this pristine grey marl sweat, fray the edges of the linen and in a pointed bra, Vogue away from the Stepford set..



But I still want this skirt…

Laters, Kate x


Mono-lithic x

VAL_2715.683x1024Valentino Fall 2013: The undeniable ability to translate inner ideas into outer experiences.

VAL_2995.683x1024VAL_2619-1.683x1024 Collars and cuffs into explicit emotion.

VAL_2839.683x1024 VAL_2968.683x1024 VAL_3021.683x1024

VAL_3461.683x1024 Historical endings producing their own statement re-births.

Jan_Vermeer_van_Delft_017 Dutch Masters or austere American icons?

imagesSlow yourself to hold the moment and admiringly watch severity transformed into couture desirability.

Laters, Kate x


Formidable artist through every layer of his being, true renaissance man and style icon, this post is dedicated to the delight that is David Bowie.


(Photo: Getty Images)

Hankering for a loose, louche nineties suit.

sweet jane blog-David Bowie Pin-ups suit(photo Mick Rock)

The length on that jacket. Divine.

David Bowie in a bomber jacket(Everett Collection/Rex Feature)

Ahead of his time: Nothing new about a silk floral bomber.

David Bowie: Hunky Dory(photo: Michael Ochs Archives)

Katherine Hepburn would’ve been proud.  A delicious pair of trousers

– coutured simplicity.

David Bowie at the Grammy awards in 1975(Photo: Ron Gelella/Wire Image)

New take on the bow tie, a long time before Jemma Lyons.

ae3dff02d1fdd51e6f62e260260db59e0b7457a0Optical illusionist.

David Bowie in a mustard suit(Photo: Terry O’Neill/ Hulton Archives/Getty Images)

Hot colour.

bowie-live--large-msg-130135527459(Photo: Antonia Billie/Getty Images)

Cool suits.


imageThe original monochrome.

E9EB683CCE20635D264CDE9A1E7068david-bowieThe Man Who Fell to Earth(Photo Studio Cane/Rex Features)

Ultimate accessories.

122905902_BOWIE_03_389476cPrepared to push the style boundaries.

ziggy_bowie big-david-bowie-ziggy-stardust-large-msg-118522889844 5ad2c373fd4e717606def3c08786b2b6

He just is a remarkable creation.

Laters, Kate x