Revelation x

There are many things that science can still not explain so maybe I have died and gone to heaven, such is my delight at discovering the designer and maker of this wallpaper and her treasure trove of work.

Marthe Armitage graduated from Chelsea School of Art after World War 11. Faced with the problem of juggling young children, she started designing and lino-cutting her own wallpapers. After sketching the design she uses the hand-cut lino blacks and a century-old offset lithographic printing press that she has owned for over 40 years to created custom-printed rolls of wallpaper.

Not only does she create an object of desire but a lifestyle, a passion and a calling.

Maybe she’ll adopt me?

(Link here, all pics Pinterest)


Before my idol was William Morris, but it’s the seductive meanderings of Marthe’s work that pull at the heart strings and make eyes glow.


When my boat comes in, this is the wallpaper that will adorn my walls.

Laters. Kate x


  1. Imaginary Figures

    oh my gosh, I have dreamed about one day owning my own home and wall papering most (if not all) of it, but my detractors always commented about how awful that would look and how out of style it is. I am SO THRILLED that wall paper in the new rage in home decorating…at the same time I buy my new house!! Great article, thanks!!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I am a self confessed wallpaper whore – the only thing that has put me off papering anything large has been the price. But I did an experiment not so long ago and hand printed my own just with a few cut up sponges, lining paper and emulsion – I still love it. Now I’d love to print more which proves that anything is possible! Good luck with the house! xxx