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Street style x

Milan fashion week street: It’s all about the statement coat.

(All pics, Jonathan Daniel Pryce, Vogue)


How radical to see them all being worn. Sign of the times hashtag-commonsense.

Laters, Kate x

Style Icon x


Carla Sozzani, a truly remarkable woman.


An italian, born in 1947 she was a longtime fashion editor at Vogue and Elle before spreading her wings into writing books, staging exhibitions, retail and design.


In 1990, she opened Galleria Carla Sozzoni at 10 Corso Como, Milan.  Originally a vacant garage, it was intended only as an exhibition space, now it houses a bookstore, fashion and design store, roof garden, hotel and cafe and is a true cultural sanctuary.


In collaborations with others, there are now three other 10 Corso Como’s in the world, in Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai.


She says she got into retail through the editors desire to communicate, to share and get feedback.  ‘I cannot please everybody, but it is important to have one eye.’


(All pictures Google)

Sozzani dresses in a simple way, functional, yet full of character.  There’s a sense of permanent calm at the heart of a storm. Happy in her own skin, with strong personal integrity, she knows what she likes and shines with contentment and understanding.

Rare combinations.

Laters, Kate x

Unrequited Love..


(Photo from Vogue, taken by Karim Sadil of Sasha Pivovarova)

How much do I love this jumper? Let me count the ways…impeccable diction, great bones, classic monochrome, exquisite texture…it grabs you with the first 1940’s-mashed-with-1980’s reference and refuses to let go: A stylish classic with a sea-change of direction.

Styled with white pleated trousers and the Celine inspired one-earing, it’s deadpan coolness with a wink.

My love is hard to hold back..and impossible to shake off..If only I knew who designed it..

Laters, Kate x

La Dolce Vita..


(Lara Stone, Vogue France Mar 14)

When I looked at Dolce &Gabbana SS14 for the first time I could feel the bright sun of Sicily and the shadows of a lemon tree flickering above.  There was cherry blossom. luscious gold jewellery, lazy lunches, fresh homemade pasta and carafes of wine.

(D&G SS14 Garage UK)

So it’s always fascinating to see the magazines then take the clothes and present them to us within the spirit of their publication.


( Fioia Italy Feb 14)

They have the resources to create another glossy world…to give us the chance to hold a physical dream in our hands.


(Glamour Italy Mar 14)


(Hunger UK)


(Vanity Fair, Italy, Feb)


(L’Officiel France Mar 14)


(Marie Claire, Italy Mar 14)


(Numero France Mar 14)


(Harper’s Bazaar, UK mar 14)

(All photos from Dolce &Gabbana)

Like the Sirens on the cliffs they call us saying, just by re-mortgaging your house you too can be like me…Or…are they works of Art in their own right? Adding subtle layers of message and mystery..

It’s your call.

Laters, Kate x

Spring Edition x


The February edition of UK Vogue landed with a plump thud on my doormat yesterday.  Such a thrill to flick through the pages and drink in the professional visuals.  I always have to look through first..then I read, starting from the back, last article first.  Lord knows why, it might be something to do with being left handed, but that’s the way I like it. There’s a feeling of freedom and stepping away from the norm..which is what this edition is all about…enjoy the mismatching matching, the return of colour and the championing of the midi, whether it be in skirts or trousers. Pure lush.

IMG_0264 IMG_0263 IMG_0262 IMG_0261 IMG_0260 IMG_0259 IMG_0258 IMG_0254 IMG_0252 IMG_0245 IMG_0246

Laters, Kate x

Fabulous Friday..

IMG_2520Dressing is telling the story of who we are: Anna wearing the Bergman in Soho for our series of Press Meetings…She promised me she would get a picture of her next to real Will.I.am in within 24 hours…like yeah Honey..

beak_streetFirst stop. Town Daily – a seductive glossy mag and a daily Blog dedicated to discovering the best London has to offer, where we had  a chat with their lovely Fashion Editor, Nadia Balame. Plans are afoot..watch this space.

IMG_2509Town is published under the umbrella of Brave New World which works to bring creative talents and business development together, so we spoke to their dynamic Chief Executive Crispin Jameson as well..who then introduced us to Jo Malone..honestly, what a charming lady..the sort of person you want to settle down to have a long chat with over a strong brew in a beautiful garden somewhere delicious..

IMG_2507Lunch in a little Italian round the corner. Loved the linen napkins over the lights..

photo-119Got to Vogue House early so soaked up a few rays in the garden opposite.

IMG_2519An iconic moment.

IMG_2516At Tatler we met with Sophie Goodwin, Style Editor. Professional to a stitch, utterly approachable and a true lover of fashion.  A bridge has been made and we will be in further contact.

IMG_2513 IMG_2512

Up to Vogue to meet Serena Hood, Executive Fashion Editor and her enthusiastic team. Chatty, spontaneous and warm, we left two of our Deneuve Collars with them..fingers crossed they make a shoot.


We did have a ‘Devil Wears Prada’ moment..


The day was still young. Anna wearing the Harper and mate Kate in the Macaroon in Abba style poses ready to paint the town red..

photo-1Which they did with style..

IMG_2339And ful-filled promises!!

Laters, Kate x


It’s like being a child again and knowing Christmas is around the corner..or getting a private invite to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory..and it’s happening TODAY..we really are going to Vogue House to show the Collection to Vogue and Tatler…Anna’s wearing the black Bergman…I’m thinking the Billie or (frillie) Billie for me…but SHOES..

IMG_2504Elegant, faithful favourites. But probability of face-plant? High. I’m not sure pigeon steps are a good look and I have an irrational fear of stilettos on marble floors – do you think they HAVE marble floors?..golden gates..angels?..with wings?…IMG_2395

Understated, simple, easy..and very, very..flat?

IMG_2503Love my Hasbeens – comfortable, quirky, and….loud….would be like arriving with my own personal set of percussion players..


The ideal. By Belstaff. That ankle cuff. Sigh. The compromise..


These.  Found in a little local shop…just enough of something..I hope.

Think of us!!

Laters, Kate x