Unrequited Love..


(Photo from Vogue, taken by Karim Sadil of Sasha Pivovarova)

How much do I love this jumper? Let me count the ways…impeccable diction, great bones, classic monochrome, exquisite texture…it grabs you with the first 1940’s-mashed-with-1980’s reference and refuses to let go: A stylish classic with a sea-change of direction.

Styled with white pleated trousers and the Celine inspired one-earing, it’s deadpan coolness with a wink.

My love is hard to hold back..and impossible to shake off..If only I knew who designed it..

Laters, Kate x


    • Maison Bentley Style

      I’ve been scouring the sites for a decent posh jumper..and it’s quite amazing how few are really pushing the boat out..think I might have to search out some 80’s vintage numbers..or start practising my embroidery skills! xxx

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