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Blasted x

AW17 Celine catwalk hit the runway this week, rich with Philo’s finger on the zeitgeist: Oversized tailoring, hints of the eighties and mannish overcoats.

Not so far away in terms of style, but millions of miles when compared in price, high street store Mango has also seized on these ghosts from the past…..and run with them.

And I’m sprinting after them..

Laters, Kate x

Unrequited Love..


(Photo from Vogue, taken by Karim Sadil of Sasha Pivovarova)

How much do I love this jumper? Let me count the ways…impeccable diction, great bones, classic monochrome, exquisite texture…it grabs you with the first 1940’s-mashed-with-1980’s reference and refuses to let go: A stylish classic with a sea-change of direction.

Styled with white pleated trousers and the Celine inspired one-earing, it’s deadpan coolness with a wink.

My love is hard to hold back..and impossible to shake off..If only I knew who designed it..

Laters, Kate x

Button up.. x


Pheobe Philo has done it again.  With her Fall 14 RTW Collection, she’s stood outside the circle and injected that tiny little something which like the flapping of a butterflies wing, goes on to rock the very foundation stone of perceived style: Should buttons by symmetrical?


I’m a symmetry girl me: Don’t get me wrong – I love the unexpected, I embrace the fun…but buttons? Don’t they look like a mistake if they’re out of alignment?…or not…? (And there’s that one earring thing to contend with too..)


Quirky or subverted? A quiet act of rebellion or just plain wrong?  A new signature out of the trap of mediocrity and a new escape route from containment?…or does it actually make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end?


Or is this the phase where you first look in horror…then slowly digest…before finally realising it’s the best thing since sliced bread? (those shoes!)



Or are their some things that even the great Pheobe Philo can’t change…?

Laters, Kate x

Spring Edition x


The February edition of UK Vogue landed with a plump thud on my doormat yesterday.  Such a thrill to flick through the pages and drink in the professional visuals.  I always have to look through first..then I read, starting from the back, last article first.  Lord knows why, it might be something to do with being left handed, but that’s the way I like it. There’s a feeling of freedom and stepping away from the norm..which is what this edition is all about…enjoy the mismatching matching, the return of colour and the championing of the midi, whether it be in skirts or trousers. Pure lush.

IMG_0264 IMG_0263 IMG_0262 IMG_0261 IMG_0260 IMG_0259 IMG_0258 IMG_0254 IMG_0252 IMG_0245 IMG_0246

Laters, Kate x

Come to me Celine

_ON_0008.683x1024 Intuition and imagination: Celine SS14: Inventively combining shape, texture and colour.

_ON_0091.683x1024With aesthetic control.

_ON_0154.683x1024 I’m getting refrences back to the eighties: Graffiti, large shoulders and baggy jumpers.

_ON_0176.683x1024 But in a clever move, that was then.  This is now.

_ON_0211.683x1024 It’s all in the balance.

_ON_0337.683x1024Vibrant and mischievous.


The details are absorbingly laid out.  Where to look?

_ON_0699.683x1024 Peeling back the details.  Adding the eyebrows.

_ON_0944.683x1024And a clutch to die for.

_ON_0826.683x1024It couldn’t go wrong.

Laters, Kate x

Fairytale x

tumblr_mmu0gzmwy81s3z0dmo1_500(Photo from Tumblr)

Something happens every Season..

from lovelybylucy.com

(Photo from http://www.lovelybylucy.com)

One innocuous item magically transforms into a diamond encrusted butterfly.

from style caster.com celine slip ons(Photo from Stylecaster.com)

This year it’s the humble slip-on.

tumblr_miimezzdKG1qg9axto1_500 MOP2-300x198 MOP-300x198

All by Mother of Pearl.

Maybe not a glass slipper..

Kenzo-x-Vans-shoes-collaboration-Leopard- Vans-Classic-Slip-On_Kenzo-Leopard_Peacoat-Spectrum-Blue

Kenzo Vans partnership. 

But they’re still having a psychedelic Cinderella moment..


..and I love it.

Laters, Kate