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Sneaky Blinders..



The weather here in London is like a PMT suffering raging beast..blue skies one minute..a cascading torrent the next, whipped up by strong winds and mashed up leaves.  Coats and shoes are being seriously put to the test and any well worn with holes of love are the equivalent of leaky boats.  Some emergency purchasing is required – and I’m thinking black leather skaters..a nod to the summer but with strong foundations for the autumn storms.XG8DJ6-HERO 42T18GBLK_4_largeThe white soles also have a surprising appeal..I remember looking at the AW14 catwalks thinking white soles? hmmmmm..but the appeal has chrystalised…mi piace..


Of course, I’ll buy them……and next week we’ll have snow….

Laters, Kate x

Making a Point..


Vans.  Fail safe, classic and easy…but could there be room for change?


What about pointy Vans like these by Nicholas Kirkwood now viewed from above??



Sneakers with a heel and now sneakers with a point..who would’ve thought it.  But this actually feels like a rather nostalgic nod to the once must-wear pointed flats of the eighties..and it’s always nice to find a forward moving mash…


Laters, Kate x


It’s like being a child again and knowing Christmas is around the corner..or getting a private invite to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory..and it’s happening TODAY..we really are going to Vogue House to show the Collection to Vogue and Tatler…Anna’s wearing the black Bergman…I’m thinking the Billie or (frillie) Billie for me…but SHOES..

IMG_2504Elegant, faithful favourites. But probability of face-plant? High. I’m not sure pigeon steps are a good look and I have an irrational fear of stilettos on marble floors – do you think they HAVE marble floors?..golden gates..angels?..with wings?…IMG_2395

Understated, simple, easy..and very, very..flat?

IMG_2503Love my Hasbeens – comfortable, quirky, and….loud….would be like arriving with my own personal set of percussion players..


The ideal. By Belstaff. That ankle cuff. Sigh. The compromise..


These.  Found in a little local shop…just enough of something..I hope.

Think of us!!

Laters, Kate x