La Dolce Vita..


(Lara Stone, Vogue France Mar 14)

When I looked at Dolce &Gabbana SS14 for the first time I could feel the bright sun of Sicily and the shadows of a lemon tree flickering above.  There was cherry blossom. luscious gold jewellery, lazy lunches, fresh homemade pasta and carafes of wine.

(D&G SS14 Garage UK)

So it’s always fascinating to see the magazines then take the clothes and present them to us within the spirit of their publication.


( Fioia Italy Feb 14)

They have the resources to create another glossy world…to give us the chance to hold a physical dream in our hands.


(Glamour Italy Mar 14)


(Hunger UK)


(Vanity Fair, Italy, Feb)


(L’Officiel France Mar 14)


(Marie Claire, Italy Mar 14)


(Numero France Mar 14)


(Harper’s Bazaar, UK mar 14)

(All photos from Dolce &Gabbana)

Like the Sirens on the cliffs they call us saying, just by re-mortgaging your house you too can be like me…Or…are they works of Art in their own right? Adding subtle layers of message and mystery..

It’s your call.

Laters, Kate x


  1. annahitamansoori

    Reblogged this on CLAM Correspondence and commented:
    Like Kate, I can’t get enough of D&G’s love affair with their home country. Every collection seems to conjure up the special laid-back, sunny quality so unique to Sicily; and makes me want to transport myself there pronto.

  2. fashionassist

    “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~Pablo Picasso
    And for me, that’s exactly what this {dreamy} D&G collection does…
    so is it art or a dream??…
    for me it’s gloriously both~ xo

  3. Laura Lynn

    Oh boy those are dresses to make you dream. I think your evocative writing contributes a fair bit to my dream too Kate. I love those dresses and I adore the photographs and styling but you just make it that little bit better.

  4. jackiemallon

    Isn’t interpretation what makes the world a beautiful place? When clothes are so lush, each photographer, stylist, editor is able to project his own personal vision onto them. And what a lovely job: to take beautiful things and make them look, well, beautiful 🙂

  5. dievca

    I love all the presentations — It was funny, I could guess which country by the style of layout. If I had to pick a country — Italy won.

  6. TNFashionLove

    And THIS is why I keep reading the glossy’s! Just so I can hold and own that little slice of beauty. (Because I certainly can’t afford it otherwise!) Love the photos you pulled! XOXO – K