It’s like being a child again and knowing Christmas is around the corner..or getting a private invite to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory..and it’s happening TODAY..we really are going to Vogue House to show the Collection to Vogue and Tatler…Anna’s wearing the black Bergman…I’m thinking the Billie or (frillie) Billie for me…but SHOES..

IMG_2504Elegant, faithful favourites. But probability of face-plant? High. I’m not sure pigeon steps are a good look and I have an irrational fear of stilettos on marble floors – do you think they HAVE marble floors?..golden gates..angels?..with wings?…IMG_2395

Understated, simple, easy..and very, very..flat?

IMG_2503Love my Hasbeens – comfortable, quirky, and….loud….would be like arriving with my own personal set of percussion players..


The ideal. By Belstaff. That ankle cuff. Sigh. The compromise..


These.  Found in a little local shop…just enough of something..I hope.

Think of us!!

Laters, Kate x


    • MasonBentley

      And then I silly girl..wearing new shoes all day first day, bugger the hobbling you’ll be limping from blisters!..but bless ’em..they were fab! xxx

    • MasonBentley

      The Gods were smiling..a gorgeous day, we didn’t need coats which would have just added to the amount we were carrying – 2 enormous clothes bags..we were very lucky and met some lovely people! xxx

    • MasonBentley

      They are an old vintage pair..have a really great timeless feel to them and they do have a special place in my heart..although I can only wear them for 2 hours max!! xxx

      • Chas Spain

        2 hours is good -my ankle to heels count is ankles 0, high heels 5. Actually I don’t even have to wear heels to do my ankle, walking is pretty much all that’s required. Hope your shoe selection & day went well.

  1. floramargaret

    I can’t believe you’re going to Vogue. I would be too intimidated to even consider. You must be incredibly brave, or determined– likely both!
    Best of luck to you. And the top shoes, as well as the new shoes, are beautiful!

    • MasonBentley

      Bloody minded?! Anna and I sat down in a little garden opposite just before we went in (couldn’t be late! – in fact we were early..which was a good thing as I did manage to lock myself in the toilet in Vogue house – sad but true! thank God I did make it out before calling security – OK, Anna – on my was a tough 5 mins..) but we discussed the fact that there are def things you find so much easier with age and experience behind you.. xxx

  2. MasonBentley

    I think it was the tennis equivalent of stepping out on Centre Court!! It was a rather amazing, thrilling day..and a big thank you for your lovely comment on our contacts page xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Fashion Mayann

    I’ve just finished reading the fabulous August issue of “British Vogue” ! I’m keeping all my fingers (hands and feet !) crossed for you ! PS : The shoes are perfect ! XXX