Stud Star! x


Look what walked into my house last night…a genuine pair of Rockstud Valentino’s!  Such a greatly, brilliant bit of inspiration.  We all felt the power, that special bit of magic..and we all tried them on..and they were FABULOUS..the heel height is divine, the ball of foot is softly padded, cankles distracted, the colours magical.  It goes to show – find a way to own the best because it’s worth it – and if it takes a bit more pain, then it makes the treasure even greater.  Choose carefully, choose wisely – choose once if you have to –  and you too can walk with fairy feet…driferreiravalentinoflats2 P00087319-Rockstud-leather-espadrilles--DETAIL_1

The latest Rockstud offering is the studded textured-leather espadrille…but choosing carefully, I know where my heart belongs…

Laters, Kate x


  1. Gillian Dove

    They didn’t come in my feet, but they very nearly left on them! As ever, thank you for the amazing Bentley welcome! Xx

  2. fashionassist

    Question–Did those Stud Star beauties also walk out of your house last night???**sigh**
    Awww, but if winning lottery ticket would fall into hands then there’d be no choice…
    you could joyfully embrace both the heels and Rockstud leather espadrilles…
    and together they’d be perfect duo to take up residence in your closet!! ~xo

  3. Fashion Mayann

    Valentino’s “Rockstud” ballerinas have become so iconic over the seasons, wearing them must be like owning a true piece of 21st Century’s fashion ! I can’t believe they exist now as espadrilles, what a joy ! xxxxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      We were discussing this very fact..that they’re a couple of seasons old now..but they just haven’t lost any of their allure. Interestingly they’ve never been put on sale..I think we’ll see a lot of the espadrilles this summer.. xxx

  4. annahitamansoori

    They def haven’t lost their allure-I have been lusting after a pair of these beauties in pastel since they came out….1 day maybe. DIY sounds like a goo idea for now!