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Stellar Stella x


 I am obsessed by supermarkets. I watch them change, adapting to the demands of society. Their purpose is to fill a need and make a profit, but at what cost? Where does the truth lie? The cynic in me thinks they’re not changing because they have a conscience, but because it’s another tag line to peddle, another profit pocket to plunder, and so I watch with interest the bright, shiny, plastic packaging of their organic and vegan food, designed to appeal. Which means I sigh with pleasure when someone with real clout can dig deeper than green-washing headlines and cultivate, from their rich soil upwards, a brand embedded and held up by sustainable beliefs.  But the shining joy of Stella McCartney is not just her glowing ethos, but her vision, because she points to a future away from obvious hippy, home spun stereotypes that says caring can be luxurious; she blurs boundaries, fuses opposites and visibly demonstrates that anything is possible, if we want it enough.



(All pics Pinterest and Vogue)

Bring it on.

Laters, Kate x

Stellar x

I’ll always be a louche girl:  The gentle sag of intentional volume, the shadows of creases, the unexpected appearance of skin, the visual freedom of I just don’t care.  All this was summed up by Stella McCartney’s SS18 show which managed to both embrace decadence, luxury and hit high on practicality.


Surprise partnerships look evolutionarily natural.

Tie-dye looks cool.

(All pictures Pinterest and Vogue)


Away from constrictions and restrictions it was loose lightness with a touch of fresh air.

Laters, Kate x

Crusader x


Light mood, cloudy day: The weather is still struggling to find it’s spring feet but winter wardrobes on the street are slowly transforming.  Big note to self was when I saw a girl wearing a black cape similar to this on the tube, worn casually over a chunky black knit, 3/4 length frayed black jeans and ankle boots. I’m now on the lookout for something similar, though hopefully without the £1400 Stella McCartney price tag.

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But consideration has to be given to the cut: The shoulders need to have structure, the arm hole should reach almost to the top and the length mustn’t be too short.


(Alice and Olivia, £450)



(All pics Pinterest)

The hunt is on.

Laters, Kate x

Stella Zoe x


The UK series of Strictly has been over for nearly a month, but I’m still missing girl-crush, Zoe Ball.  An absolute natural on the TV, who wears her heart on her heart – it’s surprisingly hard to find a decent photo that does her sartorial and character justice, but squish your eyes and you could believe she’s rolled in from a rollicking night on the tiles with lipstick on more than her collar..but always the supreme professional.



Believe me, Zoe’s got the glam rockster chic look down to a fine art.  In the final she wore this witty little number by Stella McCartney – but threw out the rule book on clumsy flats and went sky-high..




(All photos Google.com)

That’s ma girl..

Laters, Kate x

I spy…




(Penelope Chilvers)

Espadrilles! Perfect to wear with the new trouser length, their artisanal chic shouts style-without-even-trying.


(Dolce and Gabbana)

In the Season of ugly shoes, the espadrille walks in the shadow of the Birk, never quite leading the way…but always there.



But from it’s humble position on sea-side kiosks and dusty holiday shops, it’s now been elevated to celestial heights and given the full make-over.


(Stella McCartney)

I can’t help but think – if what’s special about them is they’re colours and added bits….surely they make the ideal canvas for a DIY project?


(Tory Burch)

Cheap as chips to buy, easy to accessorise – no great financial risk if it all goes tits up – the only real limit is your daring and imagination with the end result equalling a stunning, original piece of your summer wardrobe…


(Missioni Mare)

Makes me think – shall we have a DIY Espadrille Competition????

Laters, Kate x


A little bit of lace…

I’ve got lace on the mind..I see it where ever I look, what ever I do…admittedly we are in the throes of producing our own broidery anglais dresses and shirts which have been gentley loved into existence (divine – I should have photos, but I got swept away in the moment and forgot to take any. Doh…laters, laters) but I do have these inspiration shots:

My cuff

IMG_1587$(KGrHqV,!pkF!uFlgkw)BQQ339kcu!~~60_3 1109659837184040_1 $T2eC16V,!zUE9s38+COlBQkRG9TNiQ~~60_57 $(KGrHqJ,!hgFCIjjrsy0BQkt,h17zg~~60_57 photo-75$(KGrHqNHJFQFBi1GJGSPBQeDM5rFLw~~60_12 2308696200944040_1IMG_1286Pic from Valentino…how gorgeous??

IMG_1477Pic from Stella McCartney…I die…(though interesting underwear dilemma for us mere mortals..)

IMG_1621Pic from River Island………..£45.00. WTF! ^(*$%%^%$!

Definitely would need to see, feel and touch to confirm one could stand in the same room/house/large municipal building as a naked flame…

Laters, Kate x