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Hot to trot x


Nostalgic and a bit sentimental: I’m after a pair of wedge espadrilles with ties this summer.  I’d love them to be in a deep navy blue, but I suspect black is more realistic.


With just that little bit of extra height, they give an outfit the potential to carrying on strutting straight into a decadent night on the tiles.

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As well as being highly adaptable (also great with culottes or skinnies) they’re supremely comfortable and, with a bit of shopping around, easy on the pocket.
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If slides are your thing, check out Asos for the best selection..

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(All pics from Pinterest)

With prices starting at a mere £12 i’ts winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Laters, Kate x

Decisions, decisions…


Bitch beach shoes……when holiday sings it’s siren song, space is limited and choices are painful…


Hunter slides? because the writing across the front has me in it’s grasp, as does the sheer brilliant simplicity..and the joys of easy access are always appreciated: Sea and sand don’t always make happy bed fellows..


Or Ancient Greek jellies? Witty, fun…but a buckle?? (But what a buckle it is…)

Laters, Kate x

Sneaky Blinders..



The weather here in London is like a PMT suffering raging beast..blue skies one minute..a cascading torrent the next, whipped up by strong winds and mashed up leaves.  Coats and shoes are being seriously put to the test and any well worn with holes of love are the equivalent of leaky boats.  Some emergency purchasing is required – and I’m thinking black leather skaters..a nod to the summer but with strong foundations for the autumn storms.XG8DJ6-HERO 42T18GBLK_4_largeThe white soles also have a surprising appeal..I remember looking at the AW14 catwalks thinking white soles? hmmmmm..but the appeal has chrystalised…mi piace..


Of course, I’ll buy them……and next week we’ll have snow….

Laters, Kate x

Slides for a Reason x


Slides/sandals with socks were objects of such disdain in my youth: Only worn by tourists from lands that fashion forgot.  But now they’re the sheep-shoe of the moment…and why not? They’re the model of languid self-possession with sleepy, knowing eyes. 433370_e1_xl-e1398248993756 It’s that edgy, loose type of cool..a button casually left undone rather than a mini skirt and teetering heels…Birks are the reigning royalty.  The ones with white soles have particular appeal..shame my feet don’t like them, but there’re plenty of other options.. 1397733663-11029200

(From here)

Some with that extra element of something to elevate them from the ordinary..


(From here)

I like the way they mix with tailored suits – poise, power, grace. And the ability to run..


(The Adidas originals JS Wing slides in black and white – from 2011, but you might find on Ebay..)

It’s what makes fashion so fascinating: That visceral force and ever changing skyline where something can be so rejected one decade makes a complete turn around the next..


But comfort and style needs embracing: I dare someone to sit next to me and tell me it isn’t true….

Laters, Kate x