Pray silence for the Grand Announcement: This vintage lipstick case plus my favourite red lipstick will be travelling off to the talented and amazing Winner of the inaugural Design Your Own Espadrille Competition. The judges found the decision incredibly hard – the competition was fierce and the standard high and many had sleepless nights agonising over their choice…but we do have a result…the design with the most votes was……..drum roll please.…..




No. 4! Which was by………me! So I’m handing it on to the next successful original entry which was…..roll those drums..




No. 5! By the lovely Vasiliki Machaira at Delightfully Peculiar! Huge congrats to you, you are our first ever winner!




To reveal the identities of the other entrants…No. 1 was made by none other than the irrepressible Julie at Vintage Attitude! Who else?!


No 2 was made by…me again!



No.3 was made by the wonderful Amanda at Sew Deputy who I hope has signed up for the next BBC Sewing Bee..




No.6 was made by me, Bella and Charlie.




And No.7 was made by the talented Virginia Romo at – I still want to know how you did your design – was it with a bleach pen? But then how did you do the colours??! I think this design got swamped by all the larger photos as the beauty is in the very fine detail…


A Big round of applause and a huge thank you for all those who took part – you are all stars! And congrats and a flowing bottle of champagne to Vasiliki!  Now…who’s for a large, cold, bubbly glass?!


Laters, Kate x





  1. .virginia.romo.

    Thank you for organizing this contest, hopefully the first edition of many to come. Congratulations to the winner (you!) and the other winner Vasiliki. I painted my espadrilles with acrylic markers, the kind graffiti artists use to decorate skate boards etc. But the material absorbed the colour so much, that it was quite a slow procedure. Maybe on white or other light colour they work better. Thanks for your compliments. Besos

  2. KerryCan

    Fun times! All the entries were very cool–and it’s so nice you got the kids involved. Congratulations to the winners!

  3. delightfullypeculiar

    OMG, I win??? Thank you so much, I feel honoured! I really enjoyed doing that, so if you have any more competitions in mind, count me in, woo hoo! Btw, I will definitely need some sort of drink tonight!! xxx

  4. Amanda

    Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy to get a third! It was great fun and I have worn them already!! Well done Kate for organising it! It could be an annual event now I think!