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Hot to trot x


Nostalgic and a bit sentimental: I’m after a pair of wedge espadrilles with ties this summer.  I’d love them to be in a deep navy blue, but I suspect black is more realistic.


With just that little bit of extra height, they give an outfit the potential to carrying on strutting straight into a decadent night on the tiles.

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As well as being highly adaptable (also great with culottes or skinnies) they’re supremely comfortable and, with a bit of shopping around, easy on the pocket.
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If slides are your thing, check out Asos for the best selection..

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(All pics from Pinterest)

With prices starting at a mere £12 i’ts winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Laters, Kate x

Finery London x


There’s a new label on the cyber-street..Finery London, led by Caren Downe who’s high street pedigree and gene pool includes buying director at Top Shop and ASOS.



She left ASOS disillusioned with the emphasis on commerciality rather than creativity…and has returned to fill what she sees as the glaring gap in the market: Women that know their style and want something more considered in the £40 – £250 price bracket, that magical hybrid of excellent design and affordable prices – and she’s certainly talking my language…



It’s a range cleverly jigsawed together – there’s a sense of calm and knowing, rare in the heart of the retail storm, with warm, welcoming air that gently blows you across the threshold..

look1_0140_V1 Inglewood-Shoes-Nude-2003SS1512-01

The shoes are incredible..

Bennet-Jogger-Black-1803SS150901 Bayer-Culotte-Ivory-1806SS1509-01

With a rich current of ideas running under simple shapes, that cunning mixture of cool statements and strong balls.

Allcroft-Shoes-Black-White-2003SS1510-01 Marsden-Jumpsuit-Green-1206RE1509-WithBelt-Front

Forensically clear with a sense of attentive stillness, but still authentic and heartfelt..I’ll be following this story with interest..


Laters, Kate x


Parkas x


(photo tumblr)

If I had to chose one item of clothing to represent modern London, it wouldn’t be the timeless belted Burberry Mac ..but the utilitarian street-chic Parka..





And it’s the one item of clothing you don’t have to spend a fortune on..because the truth of it is that the High Street does it far better than the designers who can’t help trying to guild the lilly when the appeal is the simplicity of three..




Army green..



Big sheepskin collar..


And a pull tie at the bottom..not to use..but just because it’s right.

Most of these are from ASOS who are having a truly GREAT parka sale – I can’t think of a more perfect item to be in a sale at this time of year..

Laters, Kate x

Which Length?


Culottes by Givenchy..long, strong and structured..but too much of a cropped trouser?


(Photo from Elle.com)

Or these (from ASOS) – the midi long, showing a bit more than just ankle..note the turn up.


Then there’s the short style..cut just below the knee in a looser style (these are by ASOS)


Or the structured short by Top Shop..


Ms. Beckham offers yet another alternative…the cropped, tapered fit..

I’m confused! Which one and why?

Laters, Kate x

Pretty Bling…

I was initially trawling for an ear cuff I’d squirrelled away a picture of..just a simple band with the words ‘I CAN’T HEAR YOU’  pressed in – why should teenagers have all the fun? Surely these are a must for any frazzled mum?? I tracked them down..they’re by the designer Ryan Storer, but their not made any more..gutted.  My only hope will be Ebay…

Then got the urge to find some more ear cuffs with words..but I’ve been side-tracked by these..thought they were a) Stunning and b) the best price I’ve seen..so I’m sharing..


Love rocks articulated flower hair clip £38.00 from ASOS.


Love Rocks multiple stone articulated hair clip £40.00 ASOS.

Enjoy your sunday – blue, blue skies here and rumours of 18 degrees! Surely some mistake?!

Laters, Kate x

Running with reason..


Want to know a secret?

I have started running and facing the perils of my own incompetence by pounding the streets in a regular, masochistic way.  Let me be brutally honest..I am not a natural born runner – it really isn’t the way I am built: If I say I run with 2 sports bras, you’ll get the picture.  But I’ve had a gnawing feeling that the gap between how I feel on the inside (pretty damn good, because I’m a glass half full type of gal) and what I see in the mirror (it’s a shock) is starting to widen… the truth is it’s not enough for me to just strap on a pretty pair of heels and lay on the lippy to paint the town red any more as the foundations are seriously starting to sway..and looking to the future..the only way is down..

Another confession..I’m running in my old pyjama bottoms..and not just any pj bums..these are grey ex-maternity ones now held firmly in place with a couple of safety pins.   (Do you think it ‘s some psychological throw back so I can convince myself of how far my stomach has come already??).  Any sartorial elegance has taken a serious nose dive…

Truth be told, I think the time has come for some major investment buying..but what?

I’m not hugely convinced by all the extra tight lycra..I realise it was invented for a reason, but I’m not sure I am it…jelly under cling film keeps playing a loop in my head.

If we are talking elegance, then it’s what the dancers wear to rehearsals that really floats my boat..the whole lose sassy shake that booty look…and yes..I wore legwarmers in the eighties..I was there..I bopped with the best to Fame n Flashdance and wanted to live forever..but I still love grey marl sweatpants and vitamin c skirts..


Unknown-1 images-13 Unknown I want layering, a bit of looseness..something fresh…so…what do you think of this from ASOS..


Super cool?…or does the word ‘chaffing’ just kill it??

Laters, Kate x

Style Edit: The Sweatshirt

If I am honest, with the world seemingly saturated with winter clothes and haute couture I am feeling like a fish stranded on a beach of my own indulgence.  Take the travelling international circus of the Fashion Shows – Optical illusions of Christmas-like baubles – gimlet sharp and enticing…but a million miles away from my reaching hands.  Or the Oscar’s…aspirational, impossible and quite frankly, on another planet.

I can’t help but feel it is time for less fantasy and a greater focus on reality…to be honest about what I want – which is not winter but spring and beyond. What I actually need is a spring clean – to turn out the bits I don’t want to tread in and invest in those that give me wings.

And where better to start than the humble sweatshirt? The perfect bridge between casual and chic, designer and otherwise, winter and sunshine…


Zoe Karstens Madame Sweat – £97 – Pricey, but I am a sucker for pink.  I can see myself wearing it with a loose but short boyfriend jacket in a pinstripe with the sleeves rolled up…


Hilfiger Denim sweatshirt – £70.00 – Love the colour, love the shape – great neckline –  but did, at first glance, think the 85 was in a sparkly silver – how awesome would that be? but it’s not…so a bit Boden for me….then found this one..


Pepe Jeans – £55.00 – by the label that started in the fabulous Portobello Market.  Love the metallic numbers, like the swingy shorter length – great for layering in the still colder days, good colour to go from spring (real spring) into summer (white flares, sunnies and wedges).  Did prefer the lower neckline on the Hilfiger though…


Asos Hearts and Bows studded sweatshirt – £29.99 – Check out those shoulders! LOVE the studwork – imagine taking off your jacket and the surprise at exposing them..love the cuff on the sleeve and the looser, silkier feel.  Dress up…dress down… a great wardrobe staple..

image1l-9Amplified Rolling Stones slashed neck sweat – reduced to £28.00 – Love it! Great slouch – and pockets!! Thinking lazy Sundays and everyday comfort..cut off denim shorts or white skinnies with plimpsoles…easy easy easy.

Laters, Kate