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Stone Faced x


It took me a while to understand the appeal and connection that I felt to these little pieces of art from the moment I first saw them.  I think it’s to do with the every day made beautiful, the worship of nature, a celebration of simplicity and a special sense of appreciating there’s something in the act of giving over time to create something that has honour but no practical purpose except it’s own sense of wonder.

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I also think, on a subliminal level, they remind me of the sea urchins we go diving for in Greece.

For objects so small, their voice is big.

Laters, Kate x

Coffee Time..

IMG_2468Sometime it’s the simple things in life that make the magic and one of those things for me are Creative Coffee Mornings.  They were started by the lovely Sophy three years ago when she made the genius decision that chatting over coffee with young children was so much more fun when creating was involved.  Originally we’d all take over our unfinished projects and use the time to give ourselves much needed permission to finish, but now Sophy and  best friend Minta have developed it further and prepare, for a small fee, everything in advance with a termly timetable of weekly delights..If you live near SW London there is a website. Next week is festive nibbles..followed wreath making..with an extra mulled wine evening version for the men to join as well! (In half term I sent the Husband and Charlie to make jam..the perfect antidote to brain boil).

IMG_3183 Sophy and Minta at work.


IMG_3173 This week was Christmas Spirits (whooo hoooo!) with much tasting needed..

IMG_3171 And homemade chocolates!

IMG_3184(Accompanied naturally by coffee and delicious nibbles. Lush)

IMG_3166 The stewing blackberries for the Bramble Brandy..the smell was sublime.

IMG_3169 I chose the Sloe gin option..for me it’s such a rarity to get hold of genuine sloes..and the Brucie Bonus..these came from Minta’s parents’ farm in Dorset.  They were frozen because the best Gin comes from sloes picked after the first frost.

IMG_3172 The skins are pricked and placed in a bottle.

IMG_3178 Sugar and a couple of almonds are added, then it’s all topped off with the gin and shaken. Onto the chocolates…with orange peel, ginger, cranberries, dried strawberries, dried raspberries and almonds..

IMG_3179 Sprayed with edible gold for that extra Christmassy feel.

IMG_3159This to me is living life to the full and I love it!

Laters, Kate x