Wiser x


It’s going to be some time before my fingers can instinctively do this, but I’m having my first ever crochet lesson today and my eyes can’t wait.


They’ve been checking out all the incredible designs a simple hook and a piece of yarn and a little bit of yearn can make.


I’m very lucky – I’m learning from a highly skilled older lady in my neighbourhood courtesy of The Wiser Collective, a group set up by local mums Claire Redway and Sarah Laffey which aims to link up the generations in my area and

  1. offer practical support for families living apart from their relatives
  2. build connections and provide purpose for potentially isolated older people
  3. offer a sense of neighbourly community and companionship for both groups.

It works on the idea that there is so much we can learn from a group that all too often find themselves isolated, and there are things that as busy families we can offer – large meals with laughter can be something we take for granted.


(All pics Pinterest)

I can’t wait

Laters, Kate x


  1. vintageattitude

    I love this on every level. Sharing skills across the generations is something I have thought would work for some time now. Glad someone is getting it together. Enjoy lovely lady x

  2. alexcellent

    Oh what a wonderful idea to link up the generations in your neighbourhood. I think we need something like that where I live. And the crochet! So beautiful. I would love to learn that too. Good luck, and once you’ve got the hang of it, would love to see what you make! x