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Labour of Love x

Looking back to last year, I think my kids have both grown a foot, if not 5.  It means a new summer wardrobe has become a necessity rather than a want, and whilst one of life’s delights is shopping for children’s clothes, it becomes a nightmare once they develop tastes of their own.  You like one thing..they like something else…that is inevitably for someone older..or tackier..

We’re trying a new approach this year.  I’ve set up a Pinterest board where we can select our choices and hopefully come up with the crossover clothes we both like.

So far it’s working..we’ve agreed on all of these. Which has slightly blown my mind.

And I’ve allowed a few exceptions to creep in. Normally this swimsuit would not make the cut..But I know Bella will make it work and she loves it. But I didn’t think she’d go for slides…

Or culotte shorts. How wrong was I? (All pics Pinterest)

My girl is growing up. Little sigh.

Laters, Kate x

Dodo Bar Or


In London we’re still breathing clear blue skies and warm rays. It’s so nice to be able to still look at light, cotton clothes without thinking goosebumps. This label – Dodo Bar Or, headed by actress turned fashion designer Dorit ‘Dodo’ Bar Or is one that unashamedly flaunts all things summer and features on my wish list radar.

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Sigh.  There’s what I’m doing in my present.  What I want to do in the future. And all the dreams inbetween.

Laters, Kate x

Charlie boy..


It was two years ago I wrote this post about my Charlie. To briefly re-cap it was to honour his sense of self and lack of inhibitions, particularly when it came to clothes..but I wondered how long it would last – there’s a big difference between 5 and 7.   However I believe the photo above: Charlie holding a shell he found himself on an exploration round a rocky headland whilst illustrating his love of a fine sarong proves that nothing has yet changed..

IMG_9377 IMG_9396

He’ll happily have flowers in his hair..

IMG_9397 IMG_9543

Or braids.  (When the girls had their hair did Charlie..)


When we did a wander around Covent Garden and Soho, to both find the BFG dream jars..and do a sneaky vintage shop trawl.  All Charlie wanted was his own bow tie!


We did another shop, getting ready for the new term…he chose and black felt cap with ears (which he then wore to the Oval for the England v Pakistan test match)


A bag with pink tassels, a polka dot shirt and a sheepskin lined embroidered jacket..


All from Zara girl! (far better colours than the boys section I was told)


I think he’s going to be OK – they haven’t subverted him yet!

Long may it last!

Laters, Kate x


Stunning Storets x


This is a new label for me: Storets (based in the States, but they do free shipping, even internationally for any purchases over $75) Their USP sings a happy siren song: Interesting fashion with a feminine element that won’t break the bank.

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Prices are roughly $60 – $150..but they look a million dollars – like straight off a red hot catwalk with the cats licking their paws to cool them down.

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The only downside is – and this could be due to the season winding down – when I looked, the only sizes available were small. Maybe that’s how they keep their prices so low..


I can only hope they expand. In more ways than one.

Laters, Kate x

Life’s a Beach..


Remember this post? All about Kiini crochet bikinis and dormant lustings for the life of a beach babe.  It was hot on the money for a summer trend..


For those with the bodies but without the bank balance Chiclookcloset are now selling  bargain $24.99 versions..b0957ec1b9a43baaa18587cb44652fb0


Laters, Kate x

It’s Mabes babes..


And so the yearly hunt for towelling beachwear starts..


(Personally I now blame Sean Connery, not lycra for it’s demise.)


But I know it’s just waiting to have it’s cool moment again.

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There is a light at the end of the on the block is Mabes, a British label purely obsessed with towelling shirts.

077c5ff94a9a57601891f519f8b674e8 1308be6724d5d4594eea6c184bba6b95 From double pocketed chunky large buttoned plain classics..


To retro prints with an edge.

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For guys, girls and even little ones…and the prices are sensible (£35 for kids to £74 for adults).  So that’s Charlie and The Husband sorted.


(All pictures Mabes and Pinterest)

Now I just need this dress in a white, light towelling please..

Laters, Kate x

Sensi x


Poor kids.  Summer uniform became compulsory on Monday, all light cotton and ankle socks…and it actually snowed here last night.  Not like an alpine blizzard but it actually settled…cars were covered. It’s an issue: Within one day we can experience a years weather: Spring, summer, autumn and winter…it certainly makes for interesting times.


An ideal outfit would be this dress from Sensi Studio for the summer sun, teamed with a pair of wide legged trousers for the autumn drop (replace or remove as required)..and a duvet for the cold.


Sensi Studio is a new label for me…I like the fact it utilises Ecuadorian artisans and their many skills with simple lines and interesting additions.

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They also make mean raffia bags and panamas.


(All pictures Sensi Studio and Net-a-porter)

One to watch.

Laters, Kate x

Greece Part 4


It’s pouring with rain here..time to return to summer memories of the sun.

IMG_0678 IMG_0679 IMG_0676 IMG_6408

This was the evening of our fifteenth wedding anniversary with an obligatory, if rare selfie.


My parent’s had decided to stay an extra day and had moved to this beautiful hotel in the middle of Leonidio town.


Full of antiques and curiosities, beautifully done…a real gem.


We sat around their pool for an aperitif and watched as 20 or more bats from the red mountains dipped into the pool for a cooling evening drink.


Bella was none to pleased at being ‘forced’ to wear a dress for the occasion.


Not even a cuddle from Daddy helped. It was a lovely evening though..we went into the town..


And found this incredible shop run by a mother and daughter who, in amongst the washing up liquid and Ajax sold all their own homemade produce including jams, honey, capers..and a spirit made from Aubergine! They’d just bake a whole tray of almond biscuits which they proceeded to hypnotise us with..honestly some of the best biscuits I’ve ever eaten.  We stocked up on all sorts.  Our meal was equally a little square, with one long table full of local friends who were musicians, happily playing, singing and dancing.  Pure magic.


The next day we waved good bye to my parents who were off to meet their Greek son-in-law for a trip to the theatre at Epidauvros, and returned to our favourite beach/taverna.  On the way there Bella said she didn’t want to go as she wanted a sandy beach..the Gods heard her for when we got there, it was! Large waves had rolled in and taken all the round pebbles away..
IMG_0639 IMG_0643

Then the waves rose up again..which the children loved.

IMG_0651 IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0682 IMG_0684 IMG_0626 IMG_0628 IMG_0627 IMG_6419

During this time, we’d spend the mornings at the pool whilst the husband was on the phone/internet, going through a nightmare with work.  And then we’d head out for somewhere for lunch, dragging him with us.  The problem was there were no facilities at the villa complex – nowhere to get an ice cream or drink and no taverna within walking distance.  We were reliant on the apartment, the internet, the car and on him.


Having lunch at Plaka..Charlie decided he was going to jump off the pier..


Which he did!


But then he got really upset that Bella didn’t jump in with him and started throwing a paddy, screaming and hitting the water – all the locals thought he was drowning..and were wondering why his parents weren’t jumping in after him..we stayed a safe distance away.


The screams got even louder when we saw there were ducks in the water with him!

IMG_6446 IMG_6470IMG_6426

And then we lost the internet.  The husband really thought he’d have to return home..he needed the car to back to Athens..but we couldn’t manage without a car.


So we re-packed the cases, in case he had to fly back..


Rang my parents who were now back at Spetses and explained we needed refuge..we could return to Athens under our own steam from there..and it had internet.


And made our way back to Spetses!


It wasn’t exactly a hardship.

Laters, Kate x