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Just do it x

There are so many things in life that we accept without questioning.  Like swimwear.

Since the days of Bridget Bardot the bikini has represented power to women in a media hyped objectified way that has ultimately resulted in the cult of Kim Kardashian.  Aren’t we lucky.

But maybe there’s a different path.  I spotted one of these at my local pool last week and thought wow!

Not worn for the beach but worn for purpose because it works and makes life easier.

Can’t go swimming because you’re concerned about your bikini line? Problem sorted.  Just swim.

Laters, Kate x

Life’s a Beach..


Remember this post? All about Kiini crochet bikinis and dormant lustings for the life of a beach babe.  It was hot on the money for a summer trend..


For those with the bodies but without the bank balance Chiclookcloset are now selling  bargain $24.99 versions..b0957ec1b9a43baaa18587cb44652fb0


Laters, Kate x

Babe-li-cious x


Time..the beast that no man can stop.  It’s almost the end of summer term, which has nearly the same madness of Christmas with it’s particular frenzy of Sports Days, concerts, exhibitions, class parties and Prize Days.  The children finally break up on Thursday, we leave for three days glamping on Friday (yay!), arrive back on leave with their Grandparents for Greece on the Tuesday…(we leave the following week).  It feels a bit like being in a tumble dryer. Or a piece of bread dough being pulled and pushed.


And I still need to get my swimwear sorted…I don’t think I’ll ever move away from the retro look..


It was designed for curves..

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Best I’ve found so far are from Bettylicious..Great shapes, fab prints.

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(Pictures from Bettylicious and Pinterest)

Now it’s just a matter of committing to one quickly as Sports Day starts at 9.30…

Laters, Kate x


Sun Rocking..


If you’re wanting to uncover your inner Bond girl this summer, Australian label Duskii – designed for swimmers, surfers, divers, sailors and beautiful beach babes – maybe just the one for you..


(This style plus others are on sale NOW at Net-a-porter..)

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(Unfortunately the perfectly pert buttocks aren’t included)


If you’re liking the neoprene look but not the designer price tag, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with and their range of bikinis.c523428c916caffc41d04e7b05d73ab9 a78b30e2918ca410cfe792554253d435

They’re not in the same league, but at £28 for a set…it’s hard to go wrong.

If you’ve got it.  Flaunt it.

Laters, Kate x


Life’s a Beach.. x


My personal crush with Lisa Marie Fernandez started last year with her delicious towelling cover-ups.  This season she doesn’t disappoint…easy, breezy summer dresses with perfect proportions and edible edging.

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There’s more cheeky towelling..



(All Lisa Marie Fernandez pictures from Matches and Net-a-porter)

And the cutest bikini ever..Fernandez manages to walk that sophisticated but essential line between utilitarian and chic…in a fabulous pair of gladiators with no sign of foot-slap or lace louche…

original_Hooded Beach Robes

I still love the whole idea of towelling as summer clothes.  Why isn’t it more popular? It’s the summer beach dress that’s missing from my wardrobe..that sense of something warm and cuddly to throw on when you’re trying to eek out the last few hours of a perfect summers day, that magical time the dusk starts to draw in and shadows lengthen and a g’n’t tastes especially good..I’ve looked for cheaper brands but there’s very little..unless you’re a child…never thought I’d be jealous of childrens’ clothes…but take away the polka dots and I am.

This is the second year I’ve lusted after the impossible, so this time I have a cunning and devious plan because where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Watch this space..

Laters, Kate x

With a wink and a grin x


Perfect timing..we’re on a sandy beach under the blazing sun, so a cossie to make you smile!



One that makes you look twice..7af54984c3be61f2b96b19b6bdbb9361 de1dffc356826c8299d70b6138c26266

(All costumes by Marysia Swim)

Because the beauty is in the detail..

Laters, Kate x

A Mermaid’s Tail..



It is said the Aegean Sea is full of mermaids that can sink ships and lure sailors to their doom, including 3000 Oceanids, the mythical daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys and the singing Sirens from the Odyssey.


What is true is that daughter Bella has been enraptured by them for some time, and when her spells (see above and here) didn’t work she resorted (as all modern girls would) to the magic of the internet…


Swiftly followed by the alchemy of then gently twisting her father around her little finger..


In secret cahoots, because they knew I don’t approve of presents without reasons (I’m told it was because she had a good school report..hmmmmmmm) they ordered their bounty (I think from a German website, but this site is the only one I can find that has both the mermaid suit and the shark fin that they sportingly added for Charlie…)


(Except he really wanted to be a mermaid too..)



Mysteriously enchanting, I have to confess, she took to it like a fish to water…particularly evocative was when she dived down and there was a flash of red hair and orange tail, just like the real Little Mermaid brought to life…


 Now I can’t wait to see the reaction when she tries out in the local pool here…..!

Laters, Kate x

Missioni Mare x



Missioni and beachwear feels a bit like a oxymoron..until you see Missioni Mare.  Why is it that green and pink go so well together? Maybe it has something to do with nature…


Laters, Kate x

Beach-Chic x



As fast as lycra came in towelling went out..but surely it’s time for a resurgence?


These gorgeous throws by Lisa Marie Fernandez are like a retro cocktail on a beautiful beach at sunset.


A total change in tone from the normal summer lightweight cotton…


The heavier, softer material only  adds to their natural charm and gravitas.


This one reminiscent of Grace Kelly..just add big sunnies and a head scarf for a barefoot stroll into another life..

431514_fr_xl 431514_bk_xl 431514_ou_xl

Who thought towelling could be so alluring?

Laters, Kate x

If I was a Beach Babe..


And had no boobs, I would indulge in delicious and saunter the golden sands in one of these little numbers..


Held together by an exotic brew of  neoprene, crochet and skill  Kiini bikinis are designed to embody the bohemian beach babe vibe.


Handmade, each bikini is unique and lovingly named after friends and their daughters (HOW lovely?)..


For something so small, they are an assault course on the eyes – original, mysterious and effortlessly hip.


Perfect  for magical, eternal summers…would you need anything else?

I lust.

Laters, Kate x