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Summer DIY


The rollercoaster ride of summer is gathering speed..today will be the first day of wearing a summer dress all day long without a coat.  Bliss.  I would happily wear summer dresses all summer long – they are without doubt the ultimate capsule wardrobe.  I did my Atlantique Ascoli check and I have 5 cotton ones…so I’m on the hunt for 2 more to make 7 outfits for the sun ticked off.  They’re all I take on holiday now – simply blinged and pimped with jewellery and different shoes for the evening.

I’m also collecting together my summer craft box – a tupperware container with enough bits to while away the magic hours that only appear on holidays, when time seems to get stretched by the sun.  Last year we made macrame and friendship bracelets (even Charlie can rustle up a mean macrame)..and I’m sure we’ll make more this year..we got pretty proficient at sewing in chains and all sorts..

IMG_4391 IMG_4389 IMG_4390

This year I’ve found this to add in..all we’ll need to add are a crochet hook, some buttons….


Maybe we’ll finally do a take on this…all I need is time..(and that little bit of child labour)……….

Laters, Kate x

A Modern Old Soul..


Atlantique Ascoli started with a quest to find the perfect blouse and using an innate confidence in simplicity and with a lightness of touch came up with a genius collection of seven pure white shirts..one for each day of the week. Each had a different hint of vintage and all had the suggestion of a well-run laundry and the smell of hot iron against soft, worn cotton.  Now she’s expanding her palette..


The lines still remain classic, pragmatic and lovely..


Non-fussy yet feminine.


Discreetly charming with crisp lines and delicate gathers but there’s more choice in colour and style.


(All pictures from Net-a-porter.com)

It’s the stuff dream wardrobes are made of..the sort of clothes I wish I could cut out and keep. Instead, I can just gulp at the prices, admire the aesthetic and take the inspiration to look at my own wardrobe with new eyes – to see if I actually have 7 days worth of outfits..and for the UK that means 7 for sun..and 7 for rain…and maybe find out where the holes are…

Laters, Kate x

White Shirts..


When I first saw these, I knew they were not your average shirts.


7 shirts, one for each day of the week, inspired by Victorian and vintage blouses and made from a very specific fabric made of cotton and linen with a soft texture that holds volume.  Designed by the Parisienne designer Atlantique Ascoli they scream style and understated cool.


What appeals is the need to take a second look: The different lines, curves where straight ones should be, the impeccable tailoring, the unexpected twists like attention to the back all wrapped up with a traditional bow.

10587751_2911960_400 10587749_2911950_1000 atlantique_ascoli_ss14 atlantique-ascoli-lookbook-7Unknown-1 Unknown

I am far away from this kind of life but it’s a clever and remarkably simple idea..seven outfits for seven days – do we really need any more? Maybe this needs to be the guiding factor at the core of summer wardrobe planning….rich food for thought…

Laters, Kate x