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Sun Rocking..


If you’re wanting to uncover your inner Bond girl this summer, Australian label Duskii – designed for swimmers, surfers, divers, sailors and beautiful beach babes – maybe just the one for you..


(This style plus others are on sale NOW at Net-a-porter..)

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(Unfortunately the perfectly pert buttocks aren’t included)


If you’re liking the neoprene look but not the designer price tag, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with southbeachofficial.com and their range of bikinis.c523428c916caffc41d04e7b05d73ab9 a78b30e2918ca410cfe792554253d435

They’re not in the same league, but at £28 for a set…it’s hard to go wrong.

If you’ve got it.  Flaunt it.

Laters, Kate x


With a wink and a grin x


Perfect timing..we’re on a sandy beach under the blazing sun, so a cossie to make you smile!



One that makes you look twice..7af54984c3be61f2b96b19b6bdbb9361 de1dffc356826c8299d70b6138c26266

(All costumes by Marysia Swim)

Because the beauty is in the detail..

Laters, Kate x

Missioni Mare x



Missioni and beachwear feels a bit like a oxymoron..until you see Missioni Mare.  Why is it that green and pink go so well together? Maybe it has something to do with nature…


Laters, Kate x

If I was a Beach Babe..


And had no boobs, I would indulge in delicious and saunter the golden sands in one of these little numbers..


Held together by an exotic brew of  neoprene, crochet and skill  Kiini bikinis are designed to embody the bohemian beach babe vibe.


Handmade, each bikini is unique and lovingly named after friends and their daughters (HOW lovely?)..


For something so small, they are an assault course on the eyes – original, mysterious and effortlessly hip.


Perfect  for magical, eternal summers…would you need anything else?

I lust.

Laters, Kate x

The Vintage Swimwear Special

I LOVE Roxy’s post on vintage swimsuits re-blogged above – I think helped by the fact that she looks so darn good in them…I am completely inspired and for once I am going to get my act together and start sorting my beachwear now and not the usual week before the plane leaves, when I fall into the horrible trap of compromise, misfit and doom…I want frills, halter necks, large sunnies, a turban and very red lipstick…Her post was written with perfect timing as for those of a tiny body frame I also have this:

IMG_0322The smallest addition to the MasonBentley Summer Collection – our very first sample bikini –  but here’s to many more..and matching – or possibly contrasting beach layers to go with it…delicious.  Anna will be wearing it somewhere in France this August..and stacking up the orders I hope!

Laters, Kate x

Roxy Vintage Style

Vintage Style SwimsuitsWhen I lived in Sydney I built up quite the collection of vintage style swimwear.

A 1950s bathing suit is the beach equivalent of a wiggle dress. An outfit in itself, it’s flattering and feminine, especially on women with curves. I love ones with halter necklines for complete cleavage control – it’s hard to pull off seaside chic when one boob is making a break for freedom.

For the journey to my sunbaking spot I just pull on a pair of Tara Starlet high-waisted shorts, a floral headscarf and some giant sunglasses to complete the fifties vibe.

I do own a couple of bikinis bought in moments of extreme optimism, but I always go back to my one-pieces. Who wants to be suffering midriff-related anxiety when they’re trying to relax on holiday?

If you’re looking for the genuine article I recommend Glamour Surf or Etsy. Most of the vintage originals are expensive but…

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