Running with reason..


Want to know a secret?

I have started running and facing the perils of my own incompetence by pounding the streets in a regular, masochistic way.  Let me be brutally honest..I am not a natural born runner – it really isn’t the way I am built: If I say I run with 2 sports bras, you’ll get the picture.  But I’ve had a gnawing feeling that the gap between how I feel on the inside (pretty damn good, because I’m a glass half full type of gal) and what I see in the mirror (it’s a shock) is starting to widen… the truth is it’s not enough for me to just strap on a pretty pair of heels and lay on the lippy to paint the town red any more as the foundations are seriously starting to sway..and looking to the future..the only way is down..

Another confession..I’m running in my old pyjama bottoms..and not just any pj bums..these are grey ex-maternity ones now held firmly in place with a couple of safety pins.   (Do you think it ‘s some psychological throw back so I can convince myself of how far my stomach has come already??).  Any sartorial elegance has taken a serious nose dive…

Truth be told, I think the time has come for some major investment buying..but what?

I’m not hugely convinced by all the extra tight lycra..I realise it was invented for a reason, but I’m not sure I am it…jelly under cling film keeps playing a loop in my head.

If we are talking elegance, then it’s what the dancers wear to rehearsals that really floats my boat..the whole lose sassy shake that booty look…and yes..I wore legwarmers in the eighties..I was there..I bopped with the best to Fame n Flashdance and wanted to live forever..but I still love grey marl sweatpants and vitamin c skirts..


Unknown-1 images-13 Unknown I want layering, a bit of looseness..something fresh…so…what do you think of this from ASOS..


Super cool?…or does the word ‘chaffing’ just kill it??

Laters, Kate x


  1. itwasjudith

    Maybe I should join you in the running… or maybe I’ll start going to yoga classes instead 😉 the trousers from asos looks really nice, good choice, i was after something similar myself. Oh, Flashdance, nice 80s film… did you watch Fame as well? x

    • MasonBentley

      LOVED Flashdance..I wanted to be her and blow everyones socks off in my audition with my grace and flexibility. It was a nice dream. The truth is I got banned from my ballet lessons after mowing down the rest of the class in the end of term show – we were dancing the party polka – they went right..I went left. Am running with this amazing podcast – is divided into 8 sessions to run over eight weeks, 3 times a week…it tells you when to run and when to walk..and has music..and is free..can highly recommend it! I think it’s the only reason that I am doing this..and still doing it! xxx

      • itwasjudith

        podcast… sounds interesting! let us know what you buy, if any, in the end 🙂 i had seen some harem sport trousers while ago, but didn’t buy… maybe i should look up again

    • MasonBentley

      But is it the droopy crotch that makes it?? I’m sort of with you because I am a huge hater of men wearing trousers round their knees/exposing boxers – why would you want to look/walk like a penguin?? But the ol’hareem pant…comfort, devil may care and slightly cool?(I think we may have to agree to disagree on this one! – but honest – try them..they are sort of liberating..) But are they practical for the purpose intended…it’s a

  2. Clarissa Denton

    I think the ASOS pair is a great idea because harem-styling is a one of the more comfortable pants that’s been trending. Before I continue, I’d like to say that the number of fashion-words I crammed into that sentence is sickening. ANYWAY, I agree that running is masochistic and will never be able to get myself to do it. You definitely deserve a great outfit to stay motivated x

  3. jannairefaulkner

    I think whatever you’re comfortable in AND feel good in, it’s great you’ve decided to go running though! I wish I had the time/motivation to go but I may just stick to cycling when it gets a bit warmer. xo

    • MasonBentley

      Bless you. In that case it would either have to be a very large head covering paper bag…or something like Zorro’s outfit?…flying cape, mask, dashing hat – and maybe a horse? I could use the adrenaline of causing a stir to run..and the anonymity to retain my place in civilised society…XXX

  4. The Fine Duchess

    Being a sprinter when I was younger, the idea of running more than 800m always looked very daunting. But upon reading you post, you truly inspire me to throw my fear to the wind and just go for it. In regards to the outfit, I think it is definitely cool.

    • MasonBentley

      Honestly – get the podcast – available through iTunes..the one I have is builds the stamina in a really gentle, considered run week 1 for the first time and you think OK..bit tough..second time you think I can do this, third run you are ready to move onto the next weeks session..and so it continues..and now means I can have croissant for breakfast! x

  5. Laura Lynn

    I hate running. Pure and simple. Hard on my knees and…errr, other things. I like walking really fast. No jarring or jiggling. I must put my oar in re: the ASOS. I think anything would look good on that girl so it’s a moot point. Comfy? Probably. Looking good? No. Just dress like Stevie Nicks to run…you’ll cause a stir alright. Everyone will wonder why you’re running. And they might start running. Next thing you know….

  6. Miss Pip

    Like you, I am a defender of a woman’s right to wear her maternity pants to the gym. I have been doing it for years and I am one of the most stylish women in my crossfit class! I am thinking of launching a line of versatile sweats. ‘PARTUM’ – keeping your bits comfortably covered for the 3 months before birth and the 5 years it takes afterwards to find your waist again! Grey sweats and milk-stained singlets will, of course, feature prominently in the first collection.

    • MasonBentley

      Can they come with slogans like ‘No-one told me my feet would go up half a size and make my carefully collated shoe collection utterly redundant’…xxx

      • Miss Pip

        Oh that is just cruel. Your collection would be to die for too. If those redundant shoes are 8 1/2’s I could possibly find them a good home… hmmmm!!