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Sweet Life..


ear cuff


(Ear cuff by Ryan Storer, now sold out – Boo!)

Walked into the utility room this morning and found the sock box all over the floor. Again.  How many times have I said to the kids if you go for a rummage – leave the room as you find it – if you disturb anything PUT IT BACK? I start moaning to the Husband who’s trying to get dressed.  ‘It’s not a big thing, but it’s representative of a larger issue,’ I say. No response.  I tell myself don’t linger on the negatives but everyone needs a rant at some point..in the evenings he gets to offload work on me so a voice says, why can’t I moan about my work? I’m the first to say mines not the job that brings in the money, but sometimes it’s the hidden work that holds a family together:  It’s the monotonous, grunge, brain numbing stuff that’s like groundhog day every day except it largely remains invisible as if fairies have been at work.  So I say, ‘it’s the invisible work I do that needs a bit of respect’.  Still no response.  I can feel the emotional plates shift like a red rag to a bull…’That’s just perfect, I’m so invisible (read taken for granted) no-one even hears me..I don’t want practical solutions, I don’t want a conference call or a European Summit but just an acknowledgement or a grunt will do’…nadah…I continue, climbing upon my very high horse..’I consider the work of a mother one of the most vital on the planet.  It’s the foundations stone that builds future lives, holding them together, keeping them moving forward in a (generally) clean and (hopefully) happy manner..it’s seven days a week, 365 days a year and for all this I get..nothing..zip..zilch..I live off your income and get not one iota of recognition from the government, not a tax break, not nothing..and as for society…well if this is indicative of society’s attitude..'(voice rising in crescendo..)

He pulls out his headphones..’Did you say something, Darling’?

Men. I really just give up.

And from now on I’ll be charging the kids 10p off their pocket money every time they mess up my utility room.  A girls gotta earn her money somehow….


Laters, Kate x

Pretty Bling…

I was initially trawling for an ear cuff I’d squirrelled away a picture of..just a simple band with the words ‘I CAN’T HEAR YOU’  pressed in – why should teenagers have all the fun? Surely these are a must for any frazzled mum?? I tracked them down..they’re by the designer Ryan Storer, but their not made any more..gutted.  My only hope will be Ebay…

Then got the urge to find some more ear cuffs with words..but I’ve been side-tracked by these..thought they were a) Stunning and b) the best price I’ve seen..so I’m sharing..


Love rocks articulated flower hair clip £38.00 from ASOS.


Love Rocks multiple stone articulated hair clip £40.00 ASOS.

Enjoy your sunday – blue, blue skies here and rumours of 18 degrees! Surely some mistake?!

Laters, Kate x