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Transition shoes x

Are clogs the new winter shoe? Possibly. The pandemic has had a strange effect with changes rippling out and now clogs make sense – perfect for sliding on for little trips to nowhere. And then flinging off on return; they are the ideal indoor shoe for the modern person. But if this is the purpose of clogs, the sheepskin versions seem much softer and more appealing – I’ve been wearing my ancient shearling Celts complete with worn toe holes since summer first started waning, but if I was going for an upgrade, it would be for these Birkenstocks. My only fear would be the temptation of the rest of the Birkenstock range…

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Mighty fine….

Laters, Kate x

Bella’s room x

There’s a promise I need to keep and that’s redecorating Bella’s room:  Never an easy thing when they want identity and you’re spending the hard cash.  So in the knowledge of generational divide and the spirit of finding the grey area she’s been pinning her inspiration.

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I don’t think I need to worry. Hashtag my girl is growing up. Fast.

Laters, Kate x

Woolly Palette x


Sheepskin has that rare mix of standout and empathy.

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It’s come a long way from the full blown saturation of it’s seventies hey day which resulted in total burn out.


But it’s appeal is sneaking under the radar and gently returning, softening edges and singing of warmth and cosy nights by open fires.

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No doubt the flokati rug will soon follow.

Laters, Kate x

Trans Shoes.. x


An arctic bloom has descended on the UK; a wave of cold has reached out it’s icy fingers once more.  The result in some ways is quite pleasing – deep blue skies and crystal clear air making all around bright and focused (I fear I’m the exception proving the rule..) but it means the weather isn’t honest – it’s horribly deceptive with a chilly, biting wind.  Then the wind drops and there’s power in the sun…just enough to make you resent your layers.  Basically, it’s complicated – which means thought into transitional clothing is probably essential, so much so I can see the appeal of these sheepskin sandals from Celtic & Co…that warmth..but still cool.


And less Big Bird than Celines infamous slides..


Plus, at £50 they’re a bit of a bargain combined with the extra joy of being a slipper crossover..

I’m seduced..

Laters, Kate x

Parkas x


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If I had to chose one item of clothing to represent modern London, it wouldn’t be the timeless belted Burberry Mac ..but the utilitarian street-chic Parka..





And it’s the one item of clothing you don’t have to spend a fortune on..because the truth of it is that the High Street does it far better than the designers who can’t help trying to guild the lilly when the appeal is the simplicity of three..




Army green..



Big sheepskin collar..


And a pull tie at the bottom..not to use..but just because it’s right.

Most of these are from ASOS who are having a truly GREAT parka sale – I can’t think of a more perfect item to be in a sale at this time of year..

Laters, Kate x