Oversized x

WordPress have been highlighting a new editor/format thingy for some time. But I’ve been ignoring it – a bit like a visit to the dental hygienist – you know you need to do it, but hate paying for the privilege and pain. It came to bite me on the bum this morning when I sat down to write a normal post and came face to face with my new reality. So I’ve decided to embrace the inevitable, override my inner voice saying ‘stick to simple’ and experiment – a bit like these peeps above are prepared to do.

I can’t decide if my love of oversized comes from form or rebellion, but it certainly speaks to me as the liberal way of dressing. To me it says the clothes I wear are more important than the body I have underneath and the shapes I create override any perceptions you may wish to project onto me. It says volume, space, freedom and comfort. And it says I can have all these things and still be stylish.

In my big, baggy, extra large book that’s a winner, winner chicken bloody dinner.

Laters, Kate x