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Time x

And so it starts..from fancy free summer to rigour and routine with no transition, like an open door has been slammed. ┬áMaybe that’s why this coat is so appealing – it shouts attitude, purpose and no nonsense.

Or maybe it’s that I love coats and autumn is the time when the craving is at it’s strongest?

All these are designed by Barbara Bui who combines a Parisian’s eye with a rock chick’s sass.

(All pics from Barbara Bui)

If you can’t escape, embrace.

Laters, Kate x

Lemaire x


Who can say no to effortless, elegant Parisian chic?


Lemaire is a collective led by Paris-based uber pair Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran who appear to feed off style instead of calories.


Their aim is exceptional everyday clothing heavily influenced by the atmospheric, historical, heady, cosmopolitan mix of Paris.


Expect deceptively simple pieces in modest, natural materials, updated to modern with a different kick and swing. It’s a palette that oozes cool from catwalk to couch.

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There’s a sophisticated allure that’s hard to define.

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It’s full of evocative elegance with the sense of languid air, white wine spirtzers and hazy, long days watching the world walk by.


(All pics from Lemaire)

Impossible to resist, undeniably covetable…

Laters, Kate x